Melting China

melting ceramics by livia marin

I just came across the melting ceramics of Chilean artist Livia Marin from her Nomad Patterns series. They screw with your mind as you know ceramic teapots shouldn’t be melting, but there they are, almost dripping from the table. I’m not sure what the artist was thinking, but if you think of the ceramics as china(ware) you can see an environmental message.

Here’s a few of the works from the series. I think they’re great..

melting teapot by livia marin

Melting teapot by Livia Marin.

melting chinaware

Installation view of the melting ceramics.

melting teapot

Melting blue and white teapot.

melting ceramic cup

Melting ceramic cup or milk holder.

melted teapot

Melted ceramic teapot.

See more of the melting ceramics and other projects by Livia Marin at her website here.

They first made me think of the melting ice cream truck from the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney a couple of years ago. Created by the Glue Society, it’s called Hot With A Chance Of A Late Storm.

melting ice cream truck

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