Michelangelo’s David McDonald

Michelangelo would be rolling in his grave if he saw this version of his David. McDavid is an entry in a recent Photoshop competition at Worth1000 called Art Ads.

The brief is to “Take a piece of fine art and turn it into an ad for a company of your choice. Humor is the main focus.”

david mcdonaldSee all the entries here (it’s definitely Worth a look!). I have seen a similar David sculpture in the Ronald McDonald clothes which is more true as it is obesely fat.. which is how one would look after eating the filth pretending to be food at McDonalds.

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  1. oh no! LOL! I sputtered my tea over the keyboard when I saw mcdavid. hum, the franchising of art.
    some of them are really clever and funny too.

  2. Haha good find. McDavid should have won that competition. The adidas / Escher picture was impressive too, but David rocks.

  3. That is brilliant! It’s much better than the Banksy version “Feelings”. It’s also better than Robo David and Alien David (two previous Worth1000 entries).
    I’m nicking it straight away to post on my blog. If the Worth1000 website wasn’t such a pain to load over a 56K modem, I’d visit it more often (I am a member, if I can ever recall my password).

  4. Hilarious, Escher was definetly a good one , but that picasoo/crayola ad got me laughing instantly.
    McDavid is definetly one of the tops.

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