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Midphase web hosting reviewYou may have noticed that Art News Blog was offline quite a bit over the past week or so. Thanks to the lovely people over at Midphase.com for suspending my account three times and a big thank you to the tech support people at midphase hosting.. for your excellent impersonation of a brick wall. I seriously couldn’t pick the difference (I have spoken to more responsive brick walls).

The official reason for Midphase suspending me was the “amount of CPU and/or memory resources used by your account” and they said they want to help me “track down the cause as quickly as possible.” It’s more than a week later and they still haven’t found the “cause” of the problem.

Towards the end of the Midphase email was this sentence.. “We’re not attempting to upsale you to a more expensive plan, however, we’re simply providing you an upgrade path to ensure the future success of your site!” Usually when a sales rep is telling me he isn’t trying to sell me something, he is trying to sell me something. So I was suspicious of their intentions from the beginning.

I took ArtNewsBlog off of the Mid phase hosting account after being suspended twice as it was the most popular website on the account I was using and I wanted to fix the problem quickly. I left a couple of small websites on the Midphase host as they received very little traffic and couldn’t possibly cause a problem. But I was wrong as Midphase has suspended the account again and the websites have been down for more than twelve days now, even though tech support said they would have it back online immediately.

So after hours of chatting with Midphase tech support (it felt like they went out for a coffee everytime I asked a question), submitting several tech support tickets (and not getting one useful reply), and putting up with several days downtime over the past week, I thought I would share my happy experiences with a Midphase hosting review!

The Midphase web host used to be an excellent company, but tech support has gone dooooooown hill very fast after the host was bought out by another hosting company. In the 8 years that I have been online I have never dealt with such incompetence, which says a LOT as I have dealt with a few crappy web hosts in my time.

I’m also very sorry to any one that I recommended Midphase hosting to. I hope you never have to deal with their tech support. I’m never recommending another web host again!

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  1. I know this is a post about web hosting, but I would prefer it if comments weren’t filled with links to other web hosts. So please don’t be offended if I have/do delete your links to other web hosting companies.

    I have gone with a new host.. MediaTemple.net but it’s not a recommendation in any way, even though I’m happy with them so far.

    From my experience, all web hosts suck.. it’s just a matter of time before theyre bought and/or fall apart.

  2. Donald Frazell says:

    ch, looks painful. As a selfconfessed Luddite, one who uses competers as part of his job, but hates them, I am so happy to not be of your generation where it is necessary to live ones life so much through electronic devises. I reamin the last adult in America with no cell phone, and proud of it. my wife is the computer genius, I just tolerate the suckers.

    And i see this tool drives you crazy, as much as giving you fulfillment. Its necessity is greatly exagerated, jsut makes things fast, so people really cant stop to understand it, or anything else. It ahs its limiatation, see the DJ dropping below 10k as i proposixed, stil got at least another thousand points to go, more if we fall apart, thinking our magnificence is foolo proof, when the fool is in the mistaking information for wisodm, hwo to process teh limitless flow of irrelevant nonsense, and get down to the point. Cut to the chase as we used to say.

    Our gardesn are our only true refuge, the internet and phone jsut away to reach out for waht we need, it is nothing in and of itself. Slow down.

    Hope this one works better.
    Your happy to be too old to get caught up in flash shit stirrer.


  3. Computers and technology are great when they work Donald, but theyre frustrating when they don’t work and you rely on them.

    Actually, it’s not the technology that isnt working in this case, it’s the incompetent tech support people working at midphase hosting that doesnt work.

    I’m usually the last person to criticize tech support people as I know it is a challenging job (I was one for a few months and know the shit they have to put up with), but these guys working for midphaze are not even trying to help.

    And yeah, I wish I did have a garden to work on at times like these ;-)

  4. I’m having the same problem. My site went down yesterday, I wrote back to them around 5 yesterday, I have since written back several times and I haven’t had a single response. Not a word. I got the same message and email as you.

  5. I think it’s their way of trying to upgrade customers to a more expensive hosting plan Matt.

    I bet most people would upgrade too.. just to get their site back online.

    My account is still suspended and I never heard back from Midphase tech support.. and it’s more than a week later. I don’t see a future for them online if this is how they treat their customers.

    Save a few headaches and just change your hosting company.. I did!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have had similar problems with midphase hosting. Lunarpages has been good to me since moving.

  7. now they have indian support and it sucks!

  8. Anonymous says:

    they don’t give a shit about your account, i know what i am talking about, belive me..

    they don’t run backups! they are stupid, they loose content databases, migration sucks….

    support is just a third party company and they tried to give their best but it is impossible with people inside midphase..

    they simply don’t care about people (not even the support guys that were trying to fix all the bullshit they had) they just care about your money!!

    just for you know this ;)

  9. MIDPHASE-will not answer the phone any more. I have been calling them since Dec 1 and noy its the 29th, what is the deal. I feel like there going out of business and don’t get a caare about there customers AND I have 4 domain names reg. with them and anly 2 are listed on my acc. They don’t know were the other 2 are. “you have them, but we cant find them” were the Tecs. words. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR A GREAT HOSTING COMPANY??


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