Milk Art

Martin White from the United Kingdom will soon create an installation called “Spilt Milk”. The dairy hygiene inspector is pouring 5,000 liters or 8,800 pints into a dish and will wait for it to go off.
I’m not sure if it’s art, or even if it’s rational, but his message behind the work is that dairy farming is in decline.

Milk art brings a little culture to the farm
“I wanted to show how even a wholesome food is transformed into toxins over time. This work is also a comment on the pressures on dairy farming, which is becoming less and less viable. As [this] farm was once a dairy farm, there is a certain irony in bringing milk here, only for it to decay.”
Mr White will pour thousands of pints of the white stuff into a specially constructed 30 foot petri dish on Thursday – and wait for it to go off. At least a four-inch crust is expected. The artwork will remain on display until it becomes so rotten and smelly that it will have to be removed and processed at a biogas facility.” Telegraph

Here’s some more food art with chicken eggs, beans, lettuce, potatoes and other foods ;-)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Calling this art stinks!

  2. Man, and to think that that milk could be used for more meaningful purposes…what a waste.

  3. Farmer Giles (retired) says:

    Perhaps this “art” has an even deeper meaning? It helps illustrate the wests indiference to the thousands of children in the world that will die of hunger today. What would we feel if our children were dying of hunger and we found out about this stunt? The message we are told is that dairy farming is in decline. So is our sense of morality and taste in art. UK farmers receive many millions of pounds every year in subsidy. Clearly they have so much surplus resources they can afford useless stunts or is this another arts council special?

  4. Louis 14 says:

    Just read the article in the Telegraph and yes… it’s the arts council showing it’s disdain for art once again. It reminds me of 18th Century France with Queen Marie telling her flunkies to let the hungry peasants eat cake. Viva la revolutuion!

  5. I agree, calling this art stinks. It is an insult to the artists. When stunts like this are pulled off the public starts to question all artists. This also is not a statement this is an act of being self righteous. Ellen M – S. Fla.

  6. one of those crazy artists says:

    Although one must admit that this is a waste of a consumable product… one also has to remember that there are other meanings behind art that just a pretty picture. By emersing the viewers into an idea, literally, hopefully it will bring across the concepts the artist is aiming for. Although I admit it is a bit irrational, perhaps more by the size and quantities more than anything, who are we to strike it down. Modern art my friends… modern art. As an artist myself, I do not agree that one stunt performed by an individual makes society question all artists either. If anything, it should make people think more about the world around them…

    but then again, society in itself “stinks” enough on it’s own…

  7. Imagine the headlines it would get if this was done in Ethiopia, where people are starving.

    The work is a success as it is getting plenty of attention to a cause that the artist is passionate about, but yeah it’s a big ugly waste in my opinion.

    At least this guy gave his bananas away after he made his point (not sure what the point was though).

  8. A waste?? We live in an era where extreme waste is only a matter of attaining ingredients. Is a tub of rotting milk any more ridiculous than the US pouring 500 billion into Iraq. What about Christo’s “Running Fence”, isn’t this the same? The beauty is that it is becoming a conversation piece. -enjoy

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