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modigliani movieI recently watched the Modigliani movie, thanks to fellow artist Leith. I think it’s generally a challenging thing for a movie maker to create a film about an artist that is interesting, believable, and not too Hollywood-ized. Other notable artist movies in recent years include Frida (Kahlo), (Jackson) Pollock and (Jean Michel) Basquiat.
Anyway, the Modigliani movie, starring Andy Garcia as Amedeo Modigliani was really quite watchable. Its set in the 1920s around the streets of Paris, focusing on the struggles of being an artist, Modigliani’s relationship troubles, alcohol abuse, and his rivalry with Pablo Picasso. I didn’t realize there was such a rivalry with Modi and Pablo.. so perhaps it was just exaggerated for the sake of entertainment, or I haven’t read much about Modigliani (probably the latter).
Some parts were a bit exaggerated, like when Modigliani and Picasso finally sign up to enter a competition, but it was mostly quite easy to watch. The Gertrude Stein character was just how I imagined she would be from the famous Picasso painting of her.
Although the Basquiat movie is still my favorite artist movie, the Modigliani movie got me inspired enough to go get the brushes wet.
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  1. Hey! I’m really glad you posted this because I had no idea there was a Modigliani movie! I’m intrigued and can’t wait to see it myself.

    and very happy the hear you are picking up your brushes! Cheers!

  2. i haven’t seen it either….Modigliani is pretty tough to find. i have to agree with you that Basquiat was the best one. Julian Schnabel directed it, so that makes sense. i loved Frida as well, but Ashley Judd’s accent made me kringe.

    New York Stories has a very, very cool story about Nick Nolte as an abstract artist and his relationship with Rosanna Arquette. Scorcese directed it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope to get a copy of Modigliani soon… Had forgotten all about it’s release until stumbling across this blog…

    Has anyone seen the Van Gogh/Theo movie??? Can’t remember much details on it, other than that it’s not the Kirk Douglas one…

    I also believe teh Pollock film was quite interesting; by all accounts Ed Harris is into Pollock 7 abstraction in a big way.

  4. hello! In the movie, there is a painting of Maurice Utrillo, called “the asylum”, presenting a man hanging in chains in the middle of a dark room. I liked this painting and I tried to learn more about it. But I couldn’t find it nowhere. Do you know if the painting really exists? Is it Utrillo’s? My e-mail adress is
    Please contact me!
    thank you

  5. Kostas, I’m not sure if it’s an actual painting. It’s not one I can remember seeing in any books about the artist.

    Perhaps someone else will leave a comment or send you an email if they know.

    Maybe it was just a little Hollywood magic..

    There’s also the Utrillo website that might be able to help..

  6. Hello All:

    I’m putting together an Art Cinema series for my Dept. (Visual Arts) for the coming academic year. One film per month at the local art theatre. Last year I went with some foreign films, Rivers & Tides, Pollock, etc. I would welcome any suggestions you might have. I’m thinking about not only “Modgiliani” but “The Architect” and even “The General” (which addresses the fairly recent Vermeer thefts. Thanks! Kris Groberg

  7. I am putting together an art cinema series for my dept. (Visual Arts) at the local art theatre. One film per month. I welcome any recommendations–films must be about art or artists. Kris Groberg


  1. […] just don’t see it working, but I’m skeptical about most movies about artists. The Modigliani movie was fine, Frida was OK too, but my favorite art movie is still Basquiat by the artist Julian […]

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