Moran Prizes in Australia

doug moran art competition

Entries close on the 25th of this month for the Moran prizes in Australia. It’s one of the more popular art competitions around with a total of $300,000 up for grabs. The prizes include the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize and The Moran Contemporary Photographic Prizes. Painter Ben Quilty will be one of the judges for the portrait prize, so I’m thinking if you do painterly paintings you probably should enter.

Here’s a few finalists from the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize from 2012.

doug moran prize winner

Leslie Rice – Self Portrait (With the Muses of Painting and Poetry) – This was the 2012 winner of the portrait prize. I can’t say it does much for me.

guy maestri portrait

Guy Maestri – Lily Meastri. I think this is a much better portrait than the winner.

moran prize boy

Kristin Tennyson – Good Son. I like the bottom part of this picture, especially the legs.

And here’s a few finalists from the Moran Contemporary Photographic prizes last year..

aboriginal portrait

Tobias Titz – Noel Charlie. One of the winners. Looks like a very lived in face.

naked girls moran prize

Elizabeth Sawdon – Edward with Sleeping Sisters. In an ideal world, naked young girls should be perfectly innocent.. I wish this was an ideal world, but it’s not. See some of the discussion that Bill Henson creates.

moran prize flowers

Skye Warren – Snow Soldiers. I really like this photograph.

For more details and an entry form, see the Moran Prizes website here.
The portrait prize judge this year, Ben Quilty won in 2009.

Update: the 2013 Moran portrait prize winner is Nigel Milsom, currently serving time in prison for armed robbery.

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  1. Hi, Dion

    If you bring Leslie Rice’s Self Portrait (With the Muses of Painting and Poetry) out of the darkness by raising the gamma setting and lowering the brightness, you’ll find what looks to me like an old Conan the Barbarian cover! Frank Franzetta? This win a prize. It must be some kind of joke.

  2. Yeah it’s not something I could hang on my wall Ian. There’s nothing fair about art prizes though. It’s in the hands of the judges and their taste or lack of it.
    An old friend used to call them chook (chicken) raffles.


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