More Art Less Sex

Here’s another interesting website powered by the people, with similarities to sites like Post Secret. Written on the City is a website that encourages users to photograph text in the city and share it with users online.

written on the city website

This particular photo was taken in Hong Kong and some of the commenters have suggested it is the work of the artist Banksy, but that wasn’t confirmed. The written advice on it calls for more art and less sex. One could argue that sex and art should be experienced in equal amounts though.

Here’s the website blurb..
“someone is trying to tell you something. they don’t know you, and it doesn’t matter. they say it anyway, writing on the city itself, because the message is important.and so we’re listening.
what’s your city saying?”
Written on the City

Update: the website now seems to be defunct.

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  1. I LOVE it, not just the stencil and words, but the recording of it on a website. I am inspired to seek out words where I live :) or make some of my own ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great site. I love the idea of art in the city, anything to make my day that bit brighter. You should also check out this blog I found it got some great ‘art’ on it. Keep the good work up.

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