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I saw a post over at BoingBoing that linked to a story at the LA Times on Thomas Kinkade. It seems the “Painter of Light” is a bit darker than he portrays himself. My last post on Kinkade was a bit more complimentary, but I guess we all have a dark side..
Dark Portrait of a ‘Painter of Light’
“In litigation and interviews with the Los Angeles Times, some former gallery owners depict Kinkade, 48, as a ruthless businessman who drove them to financial ruin at the same time he was fattening his business associates’ bank accounts and feathering his nest with tens of millions of dollars.”
“In sworn testimony and interviews, they recount incidents in which an allegedly drunken Kinkade heckled illusionists Siegfried & Roy in Las Vegas, cursed a former employee’s wife who came to his aid when he fell off a barstool, and palmed a startled woman’s breasts at a signing party in South Bend, Ind.”

And, this one is pretty funny.. especially for someone that presents themselves as a good Christian artist that has a paintbrush guided by God..

“And then there is Kinkade’s proclivity for “ritual territory marking,” as he called it, which allegedly manifested itself in the late 1990s outside the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim.
“This one’s for you, Walt,” the artist quipped late one night as he urinated on a Winnie the Pooh figure, said Terry Sheppard, a former vice president for Kinkade’s company, in an interview.” LA Times

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  1. Vincent says:

    Here’s more of the Thomas Kinkade story..

    “We were told success story after success story, and of course the ‘Thom story’ and his Christian views and the way he runs his life,” Spinello told the arbitration panel in late 2004.

    Just as it has revealed the inner workings of Kinkade’s business, the dealer litigation also has delved into his personal conduct, which witnesses testified was often at odds with the God-fearing image he projected.

    In testimony and interviews with The Times, Sheppard and other former employees said they often went with Kinkade to strip clubs and bars, where he frequently became intoxicated and out of control.

  2. LOL this absolutely killed me.. what a great read! I guess it makes me a bad person that I am highly amused that the man behind the shmaltz isn’t that pristine..

  3. I thought the “ritual territory marking” thing was pretty funny. There was something mentioned about going in a hotel lift too.
    Too funny.
    I must confess it would be hard to live up to the expectations of some people though, especially when you build yourself up to be saintly.


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