Most Expensive Paintings in the World

While wandering around Wikipedia I discovered a list of the most expensive paintings in the world. Their prices have been adjusted for inflation too, which is quite interesting.

  • No. 5, 1948 – Jackson Pollock – $140 ($140), sold in November 2006.
  • Woman III – Willem deKooning – $137.5 ($137.5), sold in November 2006
  • Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I – Gustav Klimt – $135 ($135), sold in January 2006
  • Portrait of Dr. Gachet – Vincent van Gogh – $82.5 ($127.3), sold in May 1990
  • Bal au moulin de la Galette, Montmartre – Pierre-Auguste Renoir – $78.1 ($120.5), sold in May 1990
  • Garçon à la pipe – Pablo Picasso – $104.2 ($111.2), sold in May 2004
  • Irises – Vincent van Gogh – $53.9 ($95.7), sold in November 1997
  • Dora Maar au Chat – Pablo Picasso – $95.2 ($95.2), sold in May 2006
  • Portrait de l’artiste sans barbe – Vincent van Gogh – $71.5 ($88.5), sold in November 1998
  • Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II – Gustav Klimt – $87.9 ($87.9), Sold in November 2006

The Wikipedia list takes inflation into account, but I wonder how the list would look if the above paintings were all sold this year. I doubt that the Pollock, deKooning or Klimt paintings would top the list.

I think if any of the Van Gogh paintings sold now, they would have to make more than the current top three paintings.

Update 2013: The most expensive painting in the world is said to be a version of the card players by Paul Cezanne.
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  1. It’s an interesting list. But obviously, there are lots of more valuable paintings that are never sold. Does there exist any attempt to list the most “valuable” paintings, including the ones that will never be sold again?

    When it comes to the paintings, adjusting for inflation doesn’t seem enough. I guess the inflation for top paintings has been far greater than the average inflation in society. (But still, an interesting list…)

  2. Very true Bjorn. I wonder how one would value the Mona Lisa? Could it be a billion dollar painting?

    It’s an impossible list to put together as most of the great masterpieces of the world will never be sold. It would be interesting to see if some one did put such a list together.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Art isnt a horserace. The capitalist system puts a price on anything. If they were allow to sell humans they would do it.
    These stupid prices are for people
    wanting to be celebreties,they arent art lovers,they are sharks
    with too much money.

  4. how dramatic

  5. Anonymous says:

    “THEY” do sell people, human traficking(female under 18-about 1,500 dollars) but then again those humans arent gazed upon by the masses with awe.


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