Munch Museum Reopens

The Munch Museum in Norway is about to reopen, 10 months after it lost “The Scream” painting to masked thieves during a daylight robbery. The painting has still not been recovered, which is a pity, but the museums says it still has another thousand Edvard Munch works to keep the visitors busy. Oh, there’s a £181,500 reward for the return of the stolen Munchs too, which seems quite small considering the value of the works could be worth £10.4m.

Scream theft museum set to reopen
“A pastel version of The Scream and a lithography of Madonna will be put on display at the museum instead.
Museum spokeswoman Jorunn Christoffersen said the replacements were a poor substitute for the real paintings, which have a combined value of £10.4m.
She said: ‘The Munch Museum without these two paintings is not really the Munch Museum, but visitors will at least have the possibility to see a representation of them.’” BBC

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  1. I did enjoy the new exhibition in the Munch Museum, although not having the Scream and the Madonna was sad.

    See my reflections on the museum in my blog.

  2. It is very sad that the Scream was never recovered.

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