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The Australian blogger Darren Rowse has a list writing project going, so I thought I would do a list of my favorite artists and why.
It’s hard to narrow it down to just a set list of artists as I have been influenced by so many artists over the years. I also fall in and out of love with particular artists, but a certain few always remain close to me.

  • Brett Whiteley – Brett was my doorway into art. He showed me that painting can be more than what is simply in front of us. His drug habit ruined much of his art and life before he died, but he is still at the top of my list.
  • Vincent van Gogh – Vinnie will always be near the top of my favorite painters list. Both his passion for art and his paintings have given me endless inspiration.
  • Pablo Picasso – The little Spaniard lived a very full life but he still found plenty of time to draw, paint, and sculpt. Whenever I’m not working as much as I should be, I think of how many works Pablo pumped out each year.
  • Egon Schiele – I have always had a love of drawing, so Schiele has to be on the list. His paintings are very average, but his drawings are to die for.
  • Andy Warhol – To be honest, I don’t really like the work of Andy Warhol. But he made artists feel a little less guilty for taking money from art collectors. He helped me see that it’s OK to make a living from art.
  • Alberto Giacometti – Alberto’s paintings and drawings are just amazing. He sacrificed color to devote himself to form.
  • Anselm Kiefer – I have never seen a whole exhibition by the artist, but the few works I have seen were pretty impressive. His works are massive chunks of paint and texture.

There are so many more great artists that I just adore. I know that the seven artists above will still be in my top 20 in twenty years time though.
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  1. All very interesting artists, but what about some great old masters? A lot of new artists forget about the old and suffer for it.
    Its great to know where we came from before moving too far forward.

  2. It’s vaguely odd when reading through RSS feeds to find one blog you read regularly mentioned on another blog you read regularly.. small world this internet thing..

    Anyway, it’s great to see more art enthusiasts participating in blog projects like this one, it was a fun one to do. Great list too.

  3. So true Jennie. The internet has made the world so much smaller.

    And yeah, I didn’t end up entering the project as the ProBlogger form didn’t work.. and I went away for a couple days. But it was a good excuse to make a list of some artists I like ;-)

    And Whirls, I love the old masters too. I started learning from them, trying to emulate them, but right now I’m probably more influenced by more contemporary artists. I guess I can relate to them more.

  4. I have seen a few of Anselm Kiefer’s and they were very powerful.

  5. I really enjoyed your list!
    My favorites are Picasso, Yoshitaka Amano, Monet, Warhol- all very different and differnet times/ genres.


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