NAIDOC Week in Australia

Google has celebrated NAIDOC Week with a doodle on the Google Australia homepage. NAIDOC stands for “National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee” and is a week long celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in Australia.

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NAIDOC week in 2007 starts on the 8th and goes through to the 15th of July, but that doesn’t mean indigenous culture shouldn’t be celebrated for the rest of the year too!

The official NAIDOC site suggests a few ways to get involved at school, the office or community..

  • Have a flag raising ceremony.
  • Display Indigenous posters around your class room.
  • Invite local Indigenous elders to speak at your school.
  • Listen to Indigenous music.
  • Study a famous Indigenous Australian.
  • Find out about the traditional Indigenous owners of your area.
  • Study Aboriginal arts and crafts.
  • Read a Dreamtime story.
  • Start your own Indigenous Hall of Fame featuring any local role models and achievers.
  • Make your own Aboriginal art.
  • Visit Indigenous websites on the Internet.
  • Make your own Indigenous trivia quiz.
  • Visit local Indigenous sites of significance or interest.
  • Learn the meanings of local or national Aboriginal place names.


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  1. Whinger says:

    It is very kind of Google that this celebration has been brought on a global level and not left just on Australia’s level. Indigenous people in Australia have been suffering for a long time and they are probably lucky guys that Europeans did not reach the shores of Australia -let’s say- 600 years ago or today there wouldn’t be few hundred thousands aboriginals. Instead of that there would just couple thousand I guess. So government and mass media have done a good job on this event (not mentioning all projects and financial support for aboriginal infrastructure and for the educational purpose. However the sad thing is that these indigenous people wont participate in these events (well few people will but ..), they cannot use Internet and get touched by Google that it brought this logo on a global level. What is more, aboriginals are so primitive communities that they try to get away from any civilization that is seen on the Eastern and Western part of Australia. They literally run away from officials and refuse to get this offered help. (I have read that there are approximately 700 aboriginal communities that constantly change their location so officials cannot put them on any statistics.) One my friend told me that they have some aboriginal communities in the near of Ayers Rock and that no people are allowed to enter the territory of their “village”. (A special permission is required) These are the consequences of the white people. Thank you, ANB, for sharing this. And one more thing.. maybe Australia should get a bigger response from an international society as I am the first commentator on this post. ;-)

  2. L.Luther says:

    I have got copies at home from some book where different aboriginal stories were told. (I scanned them while I was in Australia). The left side was the English translation and on the right there was the original aboriginal language.

    I must say that is a funny and very difficult to prononce language (actually dialect because they are few hundreds) and I had fun with my pals to read the story very fast. I have heard that the best way to learn aboriginal language is to listen and not to read or remember the words. Also.. when aboriginals talk they gesticulate lots and when you learn aboriginal language you have to gesticulate or draw what you say and think on a paper or in sand.

    Aboriginal community has got a very interesting background and I participated in this flag rasing ceremony in Queensland. I thought that I wouldn’t miss this event (I am from Germany and am back to Australia to do more traveling).

  3. Yeah, it’s an interesting culture that should be kept alive. I think they need to promote the richness of their culture more than they do. It shouldn’t be a one week celebration, but a 365 day each year celebration.

    There’s an Auction of important Aboriginal art at Sotheby’s coming up soon.

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