National Gallery of Australia Kandinsky Painting

If Australia was outraged at paying $1 million for a Jackson pollock in the 70s, I can’t imagine the controversy of paying $35 million for a Wassily Kandinsky painting “Sketch for Deluge II”. The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) were thinking about buying the important work by the Russian expressionist/abstract painter. The NGA has decided the price is a bit out of their league, but would love some large benefactors to come forward and help with the purchase.

kandinsky Sketch for Deluge II

Gallery turns down offer to buy $35m Kandinsky
“Mr Mitchell says if a benefactor could be found to fund the purchase the gallery would reconsider its decision.
“We have to build something that is wonderful and uplifting, which the purchases of the gallery has always done,” he said.
“We always have to look as high as we possibly can and if one of them is to find someone with a lot of money, which would help us all with that, I’d be the last one to say no to that.” ABC News

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