Needs and Wants For Sale

The internet seems to have spawned a whole movement of entrepreneurial artists that have worked out that an idea and a little viral marketing can get you a lot of attention and maybe even a little money.

painting of one million dollars

I have already mentioned the Money series paintings, 1000 Paintings (and an imitator), Bond Paintings and NYC Rubbish. I think they’re probably all better ideas than they are art, but they’re all very interesting ideas.

Another idea is to paint something that you want (for example, one million dollars) and then sell the painting for the price of that object. One million dollars would be quite expensive as it would cost one million dollars, but if you only wanted things like a pizza slice ($3), dinner at a Japanese restaurant ($152), or a piece of steak ($18), you might find a buyer.

Christine and Justin from New York City are the artists (or should I call them entrepreneurs?) behind the project. Wants for Sale has a list of things that they want, while Needs for Sale has a list of things that charities need (with all the money going to the chosen charity.)

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  1. lol! what an interesting concept, and appeals to my goofy side.

  2. People always talk about the purity of art being threatened by commerciality…art like this is so up front about soliciting viewers is at least honest about its intentions!

  3. Perhaps You Should Update Your Blog

  4. Art News Blog says:

    Your’e right anon, I should update the blog more! I’ll be back in action on Monday.

    And yeah, Im a sucker for an interesting idea Jafabrit. It’s easy for some to say that anyone can do some of the things these guys do online, but it’s much harder to pull them off.


  5. This artwork is literally goading you to have a discussion about commercialism and the price of art vs everday objects.

    It’s kind of the ‘Emporers New Clothes’ of art, if I paint a castle can I sell it to you for 5million because that’s what a castle costs???

    Every day we’re sold objects with an incredible mark up so perhaps there’s a more serious point about advertising going on here…and artwork by a particular artist can sell for millions just because of the name..

    hmm I like this one I’m still thinking on it! : )

  6. *g* very nice. another one on my list of exciting web sale projects, succeeding the million dollar homepage or the homepage movie

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