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I have decided to go with this logo for Art News Blog. It’s basically Logo 1 from the logo post here, with a few small changes. It’s not bright, flashy, or complicated, which is what I was after. I wanted it to sit quietly in the corner and do its job without drawing too much attention to itself.

New Art Blog logoThank you very much to those that emailed me and left comments on the Logo Help post. Christine K, Douglas, Jafabrit, Coxsoft Art, Matt, David, Julianna, Tina, A. Tuzztimonial, Nicholas, Tammy, BigRock and Anonymous all helped in the decision.

Also, thanks for the support and suggestions regarding the petty letter from the art magazine that seems to be afraid of the blogosphere. But no, I don’t wish to take it any further. I probably needed a new logo anyway ;-)

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I don’t think there was much they could do, or you, but it has cost them a few customers which is more of a loss for them than it is for you.

  2. Like the new logo. Good job. And thanks so much for the work you put into this blog. It is a great source of information. Not to mention a source of inspiration for someone like me who is working on a much smaller art blog.

  3. I like the new logo. It’s simple and easily recognizable.

  4. A simple logo is the way to go in my opinion. I’ve seen some terrible examples that are so complicated, how can people identify with them?

    Also with web design I think it’s important to let the content ‘rise above’ the page, in other words if you are going to ‘pimp’ anything it should be the information not the layout. A simple logo won’t over power the post itself.

  5. I think this new logos works well. Sometimes a change is a good thing to do.

  6. Less is more=:)

  7. Good choice. Could do with some colour though

  8. Thanks all. I’m glad I didnt get any “that’s the worst logo I have ever seen” comments ;-)

  9. Sorry I didn’t see this post before I sent my suggestion. :-)

  10. Thanks Ana, I added your logo to the Logo Post.


  1. [...] this logo.. Update 4: I ended up going with a new version of logo 1 and said more about it in this newer Blog Logo post. Thank you very much to those that helped with the new logo.. I love you [...]

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