New Van Gogh and Not a Van Gogh

I mentioned this Vincent van Gogh painting last year when experts were unsure about the authenticity of the work. It turns out that it isn’t a Van Gogh painting, nor is it a forgery.

“Gerard Vaughan, insisted after tests by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam concluded the oil-on-canvas work was not painted by the Dutch master, as believed. But Dr Vaughan made the point that it was not a forgery. “There is no evidence to suggest that someone produced this picture at a later date to pass it off as a work by Van Gogh.” Sydney Morning Herald

vincent van gogh fake?

The National Gallery of Victoria in Australia says that it’s still a “fine and interesting” painting and it will still be hung in the gallery.

But while one Vincent van Gogh disappears, another appears! vincent van gogh fake?

An 1889 drawing by the Dutch master of Wild Vegetation (pictured to the right) was suspected of being a copy of one of his paintings. It has now been discovered under “The Ravine” painting which is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

I couldn’t find a picture of the x-rayed painting online, but the drawing will be on show at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam from the 13th of July through to October 7.

The Washington Post writes more about the work.. “Meta Chavannes, a conservator at the Boston museum, said she revealed “Wild Vegetation” by “pure chance” while compiling information for some visiting scholars. Chavannes said she became a “little bit obsessed” with the painting, and took the X-ray with her when she went home to Holland on vacation. There, she showed it to Louis van Tilborgh, a Van Gogh Museum curator.”

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  1. “I couldn’t find a picture of the x-rayed painting online”.
    You should have visited Coxsoft Art News. I published this story at the weekend, showing “Ravine”. I got it from ArtDaily.

  2. Yeah, I found the Ravine painting Ian, but I couldnt find a picture of the xray underneath it.

    Would have been nice to see the Wild Vegetation drawing and the xray together.

  3. Yes, I wanted to see the X-ray too. I guess it didn’t reproduce well, especially in miniature. Shame.

  4. Hi, Dion

    The National Gallery, London has posted an infrared reflectogram (what we were discussing) of Leonardo’s The Virgin of the Rocks. The Gallery claims all sorts of fascinating stuff was found underneath, but I couldn’t see any of it. The graphic looked no better than a poor quality, fuzzy black and white picture to me.

    Maybe your monitor is better than mine. Find it at: “National Gallery”

    I hope this works. The link is a whopper.

    Third attempt! I think I’ve cracked it. It’s easier writing HTML code for my website!

  5. Yeah, theyre pretty interesting Ian. Thanks for sharing. I have been missing a lot of art news lately as I have been a bit lazy.

    It’s funny that Leonardo would have painted “The National Gallery” all over his painting too.. lol

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