New World Trade Center Logo

new world trade center logo

What do you think of the new World Trade Center logo? The design firm Landor Associates came up with the new logo as part of a $3.5 million dollar branding package. If I was the owner of the new NYC WTC I would be hoping that I still had $3,499,995 on credit with the design agency because $5 is what I would pay for that thing on one of the popular freelancing websites! To me it looks like a pixelated skull but I’m told the five bars are meant to represent the 5 buildings to be built. Lets see what else can be found in the new WTC logo..

new wtc building nycHere’s a few possible meanings of the new logo..

  • When I first saw it I thought of a Space Invaders spaceship. I haven’t played that game in sooo long. I’ll have to see if I can find a free version of it online ;-)
  • The New York Times was talking of a stylized trident, but it could just as easily be a stylized eating fork.
  • Three buildings could represent the 3 buildings that fell on September 11. It wasn’t just the 2 tallest buildings to collapse but also the 47 story WTC 7 or building 7 which fell, even though it wasn’t hit by a plane.
  • It could also be a ‘W’ which could stand for World Trade Center or even the developers of the project, Westfield.
  • See how the buildings get taller from left to right? That’s a 17.76-degree angle which represents the 1,776-foot height of the new WTC building.
  • The two downward facing bars could represent the two missing towers that once stood in the location, while the other three could be the new buildings.
  • It could be a little guy with long legs, putting his hands in the air. I surrender, don’t shoot!

new world trade logoI can’t think of anymore at the moment. What am I missing?

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  1. Hi, Dion
    As trademarks go, it’s a complete bummer. It doesn’t mean anything to me. A space invader would be far more sophisticated and memorable.

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  2. 3.5 million for that seem absurd to me. Maybe they will get a partial refund under the counter.

  3. It is a little man with the hands up saying THREE AND A HALF MILLION WHAT?

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