Tracey Emin Bed Sells for Millions

tracey emin dirty bed for auction

The dirty, unmade bed with yellowing sheets by British artist Tracey Emin has sold for £2,546,500 or $4,351,969 USD (including buyer’s premium) at a Christie’s auction in London. I already had my fun with the Emin bed last month, so I’ll keep it short. My Bed, the iconic, controversial work from 1998 more than doubled the auction estimate by Christie’s, but I’m not surprised at all. I thought it could have made much more than it did.Continue Reading

Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson to Divorce

nigella lawson to divorce

One of the great things about having no channels on my television is not having to hear about the relationship problems of celebrities. The Nigella Lawson choking by Charles Saatchi in a public restaurant was slightly different as it at least had a social message to go with it, being it’s not cool to choke your wife. In the name of fairness, I hope you ladies understand it’s not cool to slap and scratch us guys either, unless of course it’s consensual and in the bedroom! I would hope that all the mega-phones crying foul would have done the same if Nigella was slapping into old Charles.Continue Reading

Saatchi Gallery Online

The Saatchi Gallery seems to be working hard to create a useful online resource for artists, with a new service popping up everytime I visit their website. I haven’t used the site much, but I did set up an artist profile when they first started morphing into an art portal.Continue Reading

Top Ten Art Collectors

The ARTnews magazine has released a list of the top 200 art collectors from around the world. It’s probably a good list of names to have on your exhibition mailing list, especially if your works sell for more than a few hundred thousand a piece.

Here’s a list of the top 10 art collectors..

  • Eli Broad – Contemporary art
  • Steven Cohen – Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary artContinue Reading

Charles Saatchi Buys an Exhibition

The British art collector Charles Saatchi has made news after he bought a whole exhibition by the Royal Academy art student James Howard.

The art of success: Saatchi buys student’s entire show
“Such is Mr Saatchi’s standing as a collector that he can make or break an artist, raising profiles and prices. Having made the names of Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and other young British artists whose works now command six and seven figures, his activities are viewed as a barometer of the market.” Times OnlineContinue Reading

Saatchi’s Online Gallery Top Ten Artists

It looks like a lot of artists have created their own pages at the Saatchi Gallery website (more than 15,000), so along with the Guardian in the United Kingdom, ten of those artists have been selected to exhibit at the Guardian Newsroom.

The great thing about the internet is that you don’t have to prove yourself before you get to exhibit your work. Anyone with an internet connection can exhibit online.Continue Reading

Charles Saatchi Interview

A reader pointed out that I missed an interesting interview with the British art collector Charles Saatchi last month. The Guardian newspaper popped into the house of Saatchi and his famous cooking partner Nigella Lawson to ask him a few questions about art and life.

And he says the reason he doesn’t give too many interviews is because “I come over as shifty. One thing that makes my flesh crawl is reading about myself.”Continue Reading

Rent a Saatchi

The advertising man and art collector Charles Saatchi is renting out a selection of 600 works from his collection. Works by contemporary artists like the Chapman Brothers, Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Stella Vine, Tom Hunter, Gary Hume, and Gavin Turk are among the rentals.Continue Reading

Saatchi Gallery Online

The Saatchi Gallery website has recently started an online gallery that is open to all artists. It is free to add your portfolio and allows you to display up to 8 works, your biographical details, your website address, and exhibition announcements.
I haven’t added mine yet, but it looks like a lot of others have already added theirs, with more than 700 artist profiles now online. If you’re not adding your profile, it’s also a great way to use an hour or two browsing through the artists online already.Continue Reading

Saatchi Gallery Debts

According to this report by the Guardian newspaper, the company that was set up to run the Saatchi Gallery in South Bank, London has has found itself in court for not paying a debt of £1.8 million.Continue Reading