Lovers of Banksy Thick – Lovers of Twombly Thinking People

I think one of the requirements for being an art critic of any importance (you could easily argue that no art critic is of any importance, but I think they have their place) is to enjoy poking hornets nests with sticks. If there was a manual on how to be a talked about art critic, Im sure it would say to make every fifth review a controversial review.Continue Reading

Banksy Mania

Jonathon Jones of the Guardian has wrote a piece on the hottest artist in Britain at the moment.

Best of British?
“Banksy is a comic artist, as opposed to the tragedians who try to impress with their sublimity. He doesn’t take himself or his rats seriously. Not even the ones who are trying to blow up parliament. They crouch low behind the cover of the wall of the South Bank walkway, preparing to fire a mortar shell over the Thames at the House of Commons. Continue Reading

Interpreting Art – Artist or Critic?

Ana Finel Honigman has asked an interesting question over at the Guardian blog. She asks, Is an artist’s idea of what their work means more important than the viewer’s interpretation, or are they both valid?

I like the idea of a work of art doing its own talking. If it needs an explanation by the artist, he/she has probably made the work too complicated. An artist and an art critic should be two very different people. One creates art and the other talks about art.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Out of Ideas

The man that was once thought of as one of the most original thinkers in the arts is now being accused of not having any good ideas for the past 13 years. Arts writer Jonathan Jones once wrote glowingly about Damien Hirst, but now sees the artist as unimaginative and without ideas.

“In his day Hirst was, without question, the artist who most mattered in the entire world: the only artist whose images truly entered the culture’s lifeblood after the death of Andy Warhol. Even when he started to go off, he was worth giving the benefit of the doubt. I could forgive him everything because he had imagination. Now that is gone it is hard to forgive him anything.” Jonathan JonesContinue Reading

Artist Offended

An interesting post over at The Art Life blog, where an artist gets nasty over a little criticism. Sure I have been offended, possibly even hurt by criticism before but it was unconstructive and hurtful criticism, certainly nothing as mild as this. And I can’t remember attacking the critic like this..Continue Reading