Japanese Conceptual Artist On Kawara Dies

japanese artist dies at 81

The Japanese artist On Kawara has passed away at the age of 81. He was most well known for his date paintings which recorded the date in the format of whatever country he happened to be in at the time. I thought he painted one every single day but I’m told he did between 63 and 241 date paintings each year since 1966. Earlier this year the conceptual artist’s ‘May 1, 1987′ today series painting sold for a record $4.2 million. Continue Reading

Tracey Emin Bed Sells for Millions

tracey emin dirty bed for auction

The dirty, unmade bed with yellowing sheets by British artist Tracey Emin has sold for £2,546,500 or $4,351,969 USD (including buyer’s premium) at a Christie’s auction in London. I already had my fun with the Emin bed last month, so I’ll keep it short. My Bed, the iconic, controversial work from 1998 more than doubled the auction estimate by Christie’s, but I’m not surprised at all. I thought it could have made much more than it did.Continue Reading

Tracey Emin’s Used Bed For Sale

tracey emin dirty bed for auction

Christie’s will be selling British artist Tracey Emin’s dirty unmade bed at their upcoming Post-War and Contemporary art auction in London on the 1st of July. It also comes with yellowing bed sheets and pillows, her dirty panties, several empty bottles of vodka, used condoms, an ashtray, empty packets of cigarettes, various pills and tablets, an old pair of slippers, an old newspaper, a belt, some luggage, and a reputation that should see the iconic work reach more than $2 million dollars!Continue Reading

Martin Creed’s Runners + Clever Marketing

ArtReview has put together a video (below) on Martin Creed’s latest creation at the Tate Britain. Creed is the artist that won the Turner prize in 2001 for his “lights going on and off” work where an empty room periodically had the lights turned on and off, which reminds of a Simpsons episode where Homer keeps turning the light switch on and off; lights go on, lights go off, lights go on…Continue Reading

Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth Video (Tate Crack)

Anonymous left a comment on the Doris’s Crack post, with a link to a video response of the exhibition at the Tate. But he/she must have did something wrong as the link was to Artnewsblog.com. So, I did a search myself and come up with some interesting videos on YouTube.Continue Reading

Needs and Wants For Sale

The internet seems to have spawned a whole movement of entrepreneurial artists that have worked out that an idea and a little viral marketing can get you a lot of attention and maybe even a little money.Continue Reading

One Thousand Paintings and Money Series Creators

The Australian artist Anthony White of the Money Series paintings and the Swiss artist Marcel “Sala” Salathe of the One Thousand Paintings series have teamed up to create painting bonds.

A bond is basically a loan with an agreed figure to be repaid upon maturity. So, the Bond paintings are bought at a price (determined by an eBay auction), and Anthony and Sala will agree to buy the painting back for a price.Continue Reading

Box of Love

I received a box of love in the post recently. It’s a cardboard box, painted by the abstract painter Franck de Las Mercedes, with a label that says “Handle with care, Fragile, Contains: LOVE”.

It’s from a project called the “Priority Boxes”, where Franck sends the painted boxes to anyone that requests one. The outside of the box is the canvas used to create the artwork, and as far as I know, there is nothing inside.Continue Reading

Stock Ticker Symbol Paintings – WOW

I think it helps to know the subject that you paint. For example, if I was a farmer I would probably paint cows and chickens because it’s what I would know best. But what would I paint if I was a stockbroker in a past life?… Stock ticker symbols!!Continue Reading

Bootlegs by Eric Doeringer

One of the things that I find most interesting about this blog is the comments posted by people. I like seeing different opinions, people often add to or complete a story, and I sometimes find interesting links to other art sites.Continue Reading