Vincent van Gogh Poem

I don’t know who wrote this poem as it was left by “Anonymous” on an old Vincent van Gogh Quotes post. The only details he/she left was.. “A friend of mine wrote these words today after we spoke of the life of Van Gogh and the recently published book on his history.”

Anyway, here’s a Vincent inspired poem by “HK”Continue Reading

Haiku for You

Danny de Zayas and his fiancee have started a collaborative internet art project called Haiku for You.

Danny says “Visitors to the site submit stories or topics which are then turned into miniature works of art in the form of visual haiku. The finished pieces are a mixture of illustration, painting, photography, and digital art, and the juxtaposition of approaches and content makes for an engaging potpourri of styles and sensibilities. I’m personally fascinated by the creative potential and interactivity of the internet and am really excited to be producing this in conjunction with our users.”Continue Reading

Earth Day 2007

I know the environment doesn’t have much to do with art, but you can’t create art without an earth. So here’s a poem for Earth Day (April 22) by John McConnell.Continue Reading

Damien Hirst Interview

Damien Hirst is currently exhibiting at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills and London. Superstition is a more contemplative, inward looking Hirst than usual. He is looking to poetry and religion for inspiration rather than the usual death, medicine, and shock that has made the artist who he is.

“Each painting in Damien Hirst: Superstition has two titles, the first taken from the poems in Philip Larkin’s collection High Windows. Larkin was an English poet whose fatalistic, colloquial writings speak to a seemingly shared extinguished faith. The second title makes direct reference to religious iconography.” Gagosian GalleryContinue Reading