Wines for my Birthday – Wine Scams

It seems that Maxwells Brown is a cultural creature that not only has a liking for fine art but also has a taste for fine wine!

From a recent comment on the previous Maxwells Brown scam post here..

Subject: wines for my birthday………………………….
Hello, My name is Maxwells Brown, an American .I live and work here in Tokyo, Japan. Actually when I was around last year for Christmas holiday, I got a bottle of one of your wines from a friend as a gift and I love the taste Since then , I have been planning on getting your wines for my birthday party …coming up 3RD week of july, here in Tokyo, Japan.Continue Reading

Interested Your Artworks… Kindly remove my name from you List ASAP

One of the problems with trying to do something good is that the people trying to do something bad don’t like you. Having an artist scammers list means that artists will appreciate it, while art scammers won’t.

I have received emails and someone left a comment about a person called “Bikram Shrestha” sending them the usual scam letters, so I listed the person and their email on the list. The artist said that a “whole group of woman artists” received the same letter from this emailContinue Reading

Art Crimes

ArtInfo has an interesting little piece on art crimes and how they affect the market. The strangest form of art crime has to be stealing sculpture for scrap metal. Like the 2 ton Reclining Nude by Henry Moore that was stolen from the Henry Moore Foundation in 2005. As scrap metal it would have made £3,000 or $5,800, but it was insured for £2 million.

They list the top four art crimes as Vandalism, Forgery/Deception, Art Theft, and Antiquities Looting.Continue Reading

Caravaggio’s Kiss of Judas Stolen

A Carravagio masterpiece has been stolen from the Museum of Western and Eastern Art in the Ukraine. The painting has been called both “The Taking of Christ” and “The Kiss of Judas”

From a Reuters report “Police said they entered through a window, bypassing an outdated alarm system by removing a pane of glass rather than breaking it. They then escaped across the museum’s roof.”

and..Continue Reading

List of Artist Scammers and Fraudsters

I know I keep mentioning art scams and the emails that artists receive, but they continue to help artists that are new to the internet. So, I thought I would create a post with the art scammer’s name and email. I’ll update this post with new names, aliases and emails of the scummy excuses for human beings and hopefully it will prevent a lot of artists from being ripped off.

Please leave a comment on this post with the name and email of any art scam emails that you receive and I will add it to the list. If artists are suspicious and do a Google search for the person (poor excuse for one), I hope they find this post! Please link to this post and/or tell your artist friends about it.

The way they work is to send you a check/cheque that is much larger than the amount you agreed on for your art. They ask you to send the extra money back to them, just before you find out that their check is fake. Insist on using payment methods like or and they will leave you alone.


(scammers are arranged alphabetically by their first name)

Bikram Shrestha –
Claire –
Claire Pink –
Crewford –
Dave Frank –
Francis Morgan for Expressmover
Garritt Miller –
George Craige –
Henry Matt –
James Carter
Jane Francis –
Janet Brand -
Janet Rumsey –
Janet Vida –
Jeff Carter for
Jeff Moll
Jessica –
Johnson Mark –
Kim Bauer -
Lisa Benson –, and
Nicole Roane –
Precious –
Raymond Hyslop – and
Robert Cole –
Sandra Haddock -
Sandra Williams –
Steven Pallin -
Susan Cutter -
Swane Mackerel –
Tina Brown –

What to do about Art Scams

Recently an artist (Sarah) posted the comment below on this scam artists post from last year.

I am in the midst of the exact negotiations – I have actually received the certified check in the mail, from a person calling herself Nicole Roane. All the other details are the same, except that she says she is relocating to Johannesburg from the Georgia address. I also have a cell phone number for her. Continue Reading

Robert Rauschenberg Sues Artist

I read the title of this story on the Art Newspaper (Rauschenberg sues artist for selling his trash) and didn’t think nice things about Rauschenberg. I thought it must be a rich and famous artist releasing his lawyers on a poor struggling artist because the hounds needed to stretch their hairy legs.Continue Reading


Artists have mostly woken up to scammers trying to steal their money and artwork, but some people must still fall for them as I still get art scam emails. I thought they were getting more sophisticated and believable, but here’s one that is a big step back..Continue Reading

Artwork Needed (by a Scam Artist)

Artists must be getting smarter online and not falling for the email art scams like they used to, because I get very few scam emails from them anymore. The scammers also seem to be getting lazier as they don’t even bother with little details like the WEBSITE of the artist!! Previous art scam emails even had the titles of the paintings that they wished to buy.

Would you buy an artwork from an artist that you know nothing about and don’t even know what their website address is?Continue Reading

Chinese Oil Painting Reproductions

My spam folder is kept full each day with at least 400 emails.. day after day.. and among the promises of lengthened manhood and pre-approved loans are emails with titles like “Cheap China Wholesale Paintings” and “Oil Paintings from China.”

I have also heard from angry contemporary artists wanting to expose Chinese art factories for ripping off their art and profiting from it.

So, even though I don’t know much about these Chinese painting factories, I don’t think very highly of them. Being a spammer or ripping off working artists is no way to build respect.Continue Reading