Old Painter Tries Tattoos

john olsen tattoo

The 85 year old master painter John Olsen has given the tattoo gun a go for the first time. He has tattooed one of his scribbly iconicĀ  frogs on the upper leg of his friend and fellow landscape painter Luke Sciberras. I think I would prefer an ink on paper Olsen frog as the ink on leg Olsen frog sounds more painful.Continue Reading

Famous Artist Tattoos

famous painting tattoos

Looking through the search terms from a couple of weeks ago I started thinking about tattoos. I want to start looking at different arts, getting out of my comfort zone and exploring a bit more. My comfort zone is expressive painting and drawing, it’s what I love and know, but really, my taste is so ridiculously broad that you could almost say I have no taste.Continue Reading

Million Dollar Leg of James Stewart

The New Zealand entrepreneur James Stewart is selling ad space on his left leg and hopes to make a million dollars out of it. With about 2000 square centimeters of skin to tattoo, selling for $500 per square centimeter, he hopes to reach his million dollar goal. With the money from his Million Dollar Leg project, Stewart wants to further develop and market his Art Klick website for New Zealand artists.

He got the idea from the Million Dollar Homepage, which is an advertisement for everything that is bad about the internet. So if the sponsors on his leg are anything like those on Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage, he’ll have a leg filled with casinos, ringtones, loans, insurance, and dating companies.Continue Reading