Victor Rubin Exhibition to Close Eva Breuer Gallery in Sydney

eva breuer gallery closes

Another art gallery in Sydney will close at the end of this month. After twenty years the Eva Breuer gallery will close its doors for the last time with an exhibition of works by Victor Rubin. Nicky McWilliam, the daughter of the late gallery founder says she no longer has the time required to run the business the way it should be. Coincidentally, Queen’s “Another one bites the dust” song just started playing on my iTunes shuffle!Continue Reading

10 Famous Artists that Died

Dead artists

Since abandoning Art News Blog back in 2010 there have been a lot of great artists pass away. The two giants of paint, Lucian Freud and Cy Twombly were the biggest trees to fall. Here’s my little list of ten dead artists.Continue Reading

Most Expensive Living Artists at Auction

Update: Lucian Freud is now the most expensive living artist at auction with his Big Sue painting.

Over at the Art Newspaper there’s an interesting story about the most expensive living artists at auction, with the baton being passed from Jasper Johns, to Damien Hirst, and now Jeff Koons.Continue Reading

Record Prices for Paintings or Not

The ArtNewspaper has an interesting article up about the reality of the prices paid for some of the record breaking paintings that are being sold at auctions and privately. With so much secrecy and denial around the multi-million dollar sales, most of the prices are just guesses, with many of them being wrong.Continue Reading

Robert Hughes on Rembrandt

There’s an interesting article over at the New York Review of Books by Robert Hughes about the Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn. Hughes christens Rembrandt the first real “God of Realism” after Caravaggio. Not because his work is realistic like a photograph, but real like everyday life.Continue Reading