ArtInfo Watches Richard Prince Blog

richard prince and artinfo

Art gossip for the day: Richard Prince thinks the ArtNews magazine is a piece of shit, Art Forum has some nice advertisements but still kinda sucks, ArtInfo is full of shit, and Frieze Magazine seems to focus on art that’s made of chickens. I have to admit that I stopped buying art magazines a few years ago, so I’m thinking things haven’t improved or Mr Prince just wants some attention.. or both.Continue Reading

Tobias Meyer – Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction

Here’s an interesting link to a video of Tobias Meyer of Sotheby’s talking about some important works from their upcoming contemporary art auction on Wednesday. He talks about a large triptych by Francis Bacon which is expected to sell for a figure with lots of zeros on the end of it. You can also browse the catalogue online (I think you still have to register to view them, but it’s free).Continue Reading