10 Famous Artists that Died

Dead artists

Since abandoning Art News Blog back in 2010 there have been a lot of great artists pass away. The two giants of paint, Lucian Freud and Cy Twombly were the biggest trees to fall. Here’s my little list of ten dead artists.Continue Reading

Thomas Kinkade to Paint Elvis Presley Mansion

The painter of pretty cottages, patriotism, and religion has turned his hand and paintbrushes toward the American icon of ELVIS. Thomas Kinkade, or the Painter of Light™ has painted a sketch of Graceland and now plans to do a finished studio work in time for an upcoming anniversary of Elvis Presley.

It will be a commemorative work to be released next year, around the time of the 50th Anniversary of Elvis buying Graceland and the 25th year of Graceland being open for public tours.Continue Reading

Thomas Kinkade FBI Investigation

Thomas Kinkade or the “painter of light” is reportedly under investigation by the FBI. It’s not the first time the saintly painter has been in hot water though.
Kinkade and senior executives have been accused of fraudulently inducing investors to open Thomas Kinkade galleries (selling just Kinkade paintings), and then financially ruining them.Continue Reading

Thomas Kinkade Trial

The Painter of Light’s court case has been making a little progress. Here’s a previous post on Thomas Kinkade and his “ritual territory marking“.
Dark clouds gather over ‘Painter of Light’
“A court-appointed arbitration panel has ruled in favor of two former owners of Kinkade-branded galleries, ordering his company to pay them $860,000 (£500,000) for breaching “the covenant of good faith and dealing” and failing to disclose pertinent business information.Continue Reading

More on Thomas Kinkade

I saw a post over at BoingBoing that linked to a story at the LA Times on Thomas Kinkade. It seems the “Painter of Light” is a bit darker than he portrays himself. My last post on Kinkade was a bit more complimentary, but I guess we all have a dark side..
Dark Portrait of a ‘Painter of Light’
“In litigation and interviews with the Los Angeles Times, some former gallery owners depict Kinkade, 48, as a ruthless businessman who drove them to financial ruin at the same time he was fattening his business associates’ bank accounts and feathering his nest with tens of millions of dollars.”Continue Reading

Thomas Kinkade Art

I really admire artists that can turn their passion into a viable living, and feel I should bow down to the few artists around that become fabulously wealthy from doing what they love.
Even though Andy Warhol‘s art never really excited me very much, I admired his business skills. He’s easily in my top 10 most interesting artists list.Continue Reading