John Olsen: The King Sun Documentary

john olsen documentary

John Olsen is like our art grandfather in Australia. At 86 he keeps on keeping on, producing art and enjoying all the pleasures that life brings with it. In a film directed by Tony Williams to document a new mural 6 meters by 8 meters (20 x 26 ft) in size we see Olsen’s body looking a little rickety but his mind and spirit is as youthful and cheeky as ever. The giant 8 panel mural is his second largest artwork ever, with only his Sydney Opera House mural “Salute to Five Bells” being larger. Continue Reading

Old Painter Tries Tattoos

john olsen tattoo

The 85 year old master painter John Olsen has given the tattoo gun a go for the first time. He has tattooed one of his scribbly iconicĀ  frogs on the upper leg of his friend and fellow landscape painter Luke Sciberras. I think I would prefer an ink on paper Olsen frog as the ink on leg Olsen frog sounds more painful.Continue Reading

Archibald Prize Winner 2005

John Olsen has won the Archibald Prize for portraiture in Sydney, Australia this year. The artist had criticized the Archibald previously, calling it a chook raffle.Continue Reading