Ken Done Paintings

ken done exhibition

If Henri Matisse and Damien Hirst had a love child it would be Ken Done. I think he’s one of Australia’s greatest living painters but he’s generally seen as a sideshow act by the art world. Done sells truckloads of tea towels, bikinis and ties with his brightly colored designs scrawled all over them but that’s just one side of the man.Continue Reading

Sydney Photos and Heavy Art Books

Here’s a few holiday pics from my recent Sydney trip where I went to see PJ Harvey at the Sydney Opera House. I also saw a few exhibitions, but nothing that really dropped my jaw. My most exciting art moment was buying three art books (two Anselm Kiefer books and one Brett Whiteley book). The books were so big and heavy that I almost lost my arms while dragging them back to the hotel, but they were worth the struggle.. even if they did almost kill me.Continue Reading