Claude Monet and the Impressionists in Sydney

On Sunday I spent the day in Sydney and visited the Claude Monet and the Impressionists exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. Impressionism was never my favorite art movement, but when a whale of an artist like Claude Monet comes to town it’s hard to find an excuse to not see it. Australian museums aren’t exactly overflowing with masterpieces from around the world, so any decent traveling exhibition is a must see.Continue Reading

Monet on Paper

The Royal Academy of Arts in London will be showing an exhibition of Claude Monet from the 17th of March through to the 10th of June. They will be showing his pastels and drawings on paper, and possibly contradicting some of the myths of Monet.

“This exhibition is the first devoted to Monet’s drawings and pastels. It offers a ground-breaking exploration of the role of draughtsmanship throughout the artist’s long career, overturning the conventional notion that Monet painted his impressions of nature directly onto the canvas.” Royal Academy of ArtsContinue Reading

Monet, Money & Art

Monet exhibition in Switzerland documents the life of the artist, from poverty to luxury..

Show on Monet’s landmark art also ‘exhibition on money’

“At one time, strapped for cash, he disposed of his pictures in job lots for 25 francs each, not much more than he got for the caricatures he did at the age of 16 and sold on the streets to passers-by. But his fortune eventually took an upturn, allowing a life in luxury for three decades until his death. He employed maids, a cook and six gardeners, swapped one painting for a fancy car and was thrilled by watching motor racing.”

Poppies Blooming Painting

red poppies blooming

Poppies Blooming by famous French artist Claude Monet. Painted in 1873.
In French: Les Coquelicots.
50 x 65 cm or 19 x 25 inches
Oil on canvas
Located at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France.Continue Reading