S.H. Raza Exhibition of Fakes

Imagine coming towards the end of your career as an artist. You have achieved a lot of success and important galleries around the world regularly put together exhibitions of your life’s work. The galleries invite you around and treat you like royalty so that you will say a few words at the openings. Sounds like a nice way to spend old age after a lot of hard work.Continue Reading

Indian Art – Ashok Bhowmik

Tamarind Art in New York City is showing work by the contemporary Indian artist Ashok Bhowmik. The exhibition opened on the 10th of July and finishes on the 15th of August.

I know very little about contemporary Indian art and have never heard of Ashok Bhowmik but I just love the “Ancestor’s Face” painting below, so I thought I better share it.Continue Reading

Anish Kapoor Art in the Bin

An art collector of the Indian born British sculptor Anish Kapoor was recently awarded £350,000 in damages after an art storage company mistook a work for rubbish and threw it away.

Ofir Scheps left the 1984 sculpture “Hole and Vessel II” with Fine Art Logistics Ltd of London. Scheps paid £20,000 for the Anish Kapoor work in 2004, but the value of the artist’s work has increased dramatically in recent years.Continue Reading