Questions and Answers

I was asked a few questions by a student journalist at City University London recently..

1) First of all can you tell me a little bit about your work? What themes do you explore in your art and why? What do you strive to achieve through it?Continue Reading

Jeff Koons Interview

ArtInfo has interviewed the king of kitsch and holder of the “Most expensive artist at auction” title, Jeff Koons. Quite often I find what he has to say more interesting than what he does.. or what his studio does for him.Continue Reading

Jasper Johns Interview

The Art Newspaper has interviewed the (super) famous American painter Jasper Johns. Johns has even appeared in an episode of the Simpsons cartoon, where he went to an exhibition by Homer. How impressive would that be to have on the resume?!

Works by Jasper Johns will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Art in Washington in an exhibition called “An Allegory of Painting”.Continue Reading

Marlene Dumas Interview

ArtInfo has interviewed Marlene Dumas in New York recently. The South African born painter, now living in Amsterdam, is famous for her sexually charged, often controversial figurative paintings. She also claims the title of most expensive painting to sell at auction, by a living female artist ($3.34 million for “The Teacher”)Continue Reading

Caroline Magerl Interview – Painter and Illustrator

Recently I asked the Australian painter and illustrator Caroline Magerl a few questions about her art. She’s an artist that seems to benefit from the two arts (illustrating and painting), rather than one distracting or detracting from the other.

Her quirky little characters are brooding and self reflective on canvas, yet become whimsical and joyous in her many children’s Continue Reading

Artist Belinda Eaton Interview

I recently asked the contemporary artist Belinda Eaton a few questions about her art. She was featured on the Star Portraits with Rolf Harris television program from the BBC.

1. You were recently featured on the “Star Portraits with Rolf Harris” program on the BBC. How was that experience?Continue Reading

Michael Leunig Interview

The quirky Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig was recently interviewed on Andrew Denton’s Enough Rope program.

He’s famous for cute little people with big noses, ducks, teapots, and for creating the odd controversy or two. His poetic little cartoons have provoked enough people to receive a steady stream of hate-mail and death threats.Continue Reading

Art News Blog Questions

I was asked some questions about recently. It was for an art magazine, but their email was sent to my Yahoo mail, which I rarely check. So I’m probably too late to be mentioned in their story, but questions are good to work out why you do what you do. So, here they are..Continue Reading

Charles Saatchi Interview – got a question?

The Art Newspaper will be interviewing the Brit art collector Charles Saatchi and is asking its readers to send their questions in to be answered.

Email your queries for Mr Saatchi to: saatchi (at) or post them to: Charles Saatchi c/o The Art Newspaper, 70 South Lambeth Road, London, SW8 1RL. Please include your name, address, and a contact email or telephone number. All questions must be received by 6 December