Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson to Divorce

nigella lawson to divorce

One of the great things about having no channels on my television is not having to hear about the relationship problems of celebrities. The Nigella Lawson choking by Charles Saatchi in a public restaurant was slightly different as it at least had a social message to go with it, being it’s not cool to choke your wife. In the name of fairness, I hope you ladies understand it’s not cool to slap and scratch us guys either, unless of course it’s consensual and in the bedroom! I would hope that all the mega-phones crying foul would have done the same if Nigella was slapping into old Charles.Continue Reading

Charles Saatchi Interview

A reader pointed out that I missed an interesting interview with the British art collector Charles Saatchi last month. The Guardian newspaper popped into the house of Saatchi and his famous cooking partner Nigella Lawson to ask him a few questions about art and life.

And he says the reason he doesn’t give too many interviews is because “I come over as shifty. One thing that makes my flesh crawl is reading about myself.”Continue Reading