Art Jobs Board

ArtInfo’s jobs board is now online. They’re listing art jobs, internships, artist residencies, artist opportunities, artist calls for entry and more.

Here’s some more info from Art Info..

“One of the strengths of ARTINFO is our network and our commitment to institutions and individuals within the art world. Because we realize the months ahead will continue to be challenging, we extend this offer to you to post your opportunity free of charge.Continue Reading

Art Market Editor Job at The Art Newspaper

If only I paid more attention in English classes at school.. and could work well in teams.. and remain calm under pressure! They’re just some of the qualities that I don’t have for an interesting job at the Art Newspaper. It sounds like a dream job for someone into art and wanting to travel to some interesting places.

Here’s what they’re after..

Art Market Editor – maternity cover (full time)
The Art NewspaperContinue Reading

Struggles of an Artist

Over at Art and Perception, Karl has asked a question that many artists probably ask themselves; Why is it so difficult to be an artist?

He talks about the uncertainties of purpose and income. Karl also points to moments in history where artists could be reasonably sure that they would make money from art. But now, even though people are generally much wealthier, and people seem to appreciate art more, there are very few artists that can be sure that the bills will be paid.Continue Reading

Female Sydney Artist Wanted

If you’re female, an artist, and live close to Sydney, the Motion Picture Company might have a job for you. They’re looking for a female artist to appear in a music video and paint a mural. It could be a chance to get your 3 or 4 minutes of fame, depending on how long the song is.Continue Reading

Why Do You Do What You Do?

I came across an interesting site that asks people why they do what they do? It’s called Why Do You Do What You Do? or just WDYDWYD?.

People are photographed (or drawn) while holding their answer on a card in front of them and they’re published on the website.

It kind of reminds me of the Post Secret website, in the way that it is driven by people and our interest in people. Everyone has a confession to make and everyone has an opinion about what they do in life, so there are a lot of people wanting to be heard and a lot of people submitting their 2 cents worth.Continue Reading