Food Art

fun and weird food art

I was looking for a carrot cake recipe and somehow ended up browsing weird food art creations, mostly created by people with too much spare time I’m guessing ;-) Some of them are pretty cool. I love the first one, the chicken made of eggs..Continue Reading

Food Art – Jelly Beans and Chocolate

I seem to be coming across a lot of food art lately. Wacky stuff, like portraits made with jelly beans (thanks to Helly). Another link I recently found was of the artist Vic Muniz. He uses chocolate to create paintings.

It’s 1am here where I am, and I’m really hungry, so I probably should stop writing about food before I end up in the kitchen for a late night snack. Continue Reading

Coffee Art in a Mug

I like it when my passions cross over. Like when art meets wine or when nature meets art. I have also recently discovered that art has also met coffee! I wouldn’t say that coffee is a great passion of mine, but I can’t ctop drinking the stuff, so I must have some kind of connection with it.Continue Reading

Pumpkin Art

It’s Friday the 13th, so why not carve a pumpkin?. A New York artist has published a pumpkin carving tutorial online.

They’re definitely more interesting than the usual three holes and a slit for the mouth pumpkins. The artist has a gallery of pumpkin works online.Continue Reading

Milk Art

Martin White from the United Kingdom will soon create an installation called “Spilt Milk”. The dairy hygiene inspector is pouring 5,000 liters or 8,800 pints into a dish and will wait for it to go off.
I’m not sure if it’s art, or even if it’s rational, but his message behind the work is that dairy farming is in decline.Continue Reading

This is Bananas

Some artists just love attention and an 8ft high pile of bananas is one method of achieving it. The public all got a piece of this exhibit too as the bananas were given away after the exhibition (and before they started rotting).

Banana art piece proves fruitful

“Passers-by in Trafalgar Square were handed out bananas on Tuesday after an artwork made of 30,000 items of the fruit was dismantled.Continue Reading