Nike Art Competition 1/1

Nike has launched a new annual art competition called 1/1. You have to be based in Europe and be over sixteen to enter. The winner will have the chance to exhibit at the Basel Art Fair and will design a limited edition pair of Nike Dunks, which I assume is a pair of shoes made by Nike.

The competition is open to everyone from filmmakers and photographers to graffiti artists and illustrators.

nike art competition 1/1Nike’s Nick Knight said “Both football and the arts cut across boundaries. Whether you’re from any part of the world, class or part of society, you can appreciate a football match: that’s what I like about it. It’s the same with the arts: a great painting will cut across boundaries. And that global reach is what’s really exciting about the ’1/1: Art of Football’ project.

We’re looking for participants who are completely committed to football but also want to express it in a piece of artwork. It could be a performance, a sculpture, a still – whatever they want. Hopefully that desire to communicate will be the driving force behind the SHOWstudio/NIKE collaboration.”

Find out more at the 1/1 website.

Update: Here’s a Pizza Hut competition too.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please point out that residents of the US are not allowed to participate. I guess that us ugly americans are not worthy of participating in this eurocentric art contest, regardless of the fact that NIKE is an american company.

  2. Yeah, I did mention it Anon. The second sentence of the post is..

    “You have to be based in Europe and be over sixteen to enter.”

  3. lol… yeah he did mentioned it. anyway ppl interested should read the terms, since there are other countries not in europe that are allowed to participate.

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