Nineteen Penises Exhibition

The Visual AIDS gallery in New York is having an exhibition of Nineteen Penises. Titles of work have very penis-like names; Shrine (by Tom Shooter), Hooked on Love, and Heat of the Moment are some of them.
ninteen penises“Artists and non-artists alike have been depicting the penis for much of recorded time, in spite of the confusing and sometimes ferocious prohibition against its representation. This selection of artworks from the Frank Moore archive charts a circuitous itinerary through the vast continent of penis. Some of the members included here have been fashioned by hand, others are documented photographically, and all were emphatically made to be looked at. Whether the artist’s purpose was to arouse, protest, explain or provoke, each work testifies to an irrepressible desire to look at what we’ve been told over and over should not be seen in public.” David Humphrey (the curator of the penises exhibition).

Pictures of the penis exhibition can be seen here. Obviously some of the images are very graphic, shows hard penises, and gay sex.. so you have been warned.

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