No Exit for Palestinian Artist Khaled Jarrar

no exit at whitebox art center

The Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar’s exhibition at the Whitebox Art Center in New York opens in a few days time. He also has work showing at the Here and Elsewhere exhibition at the New Museum, which is a look at contemporary Arab art from around the world. He won’t be attending either exhibition as the racist overlords in Israel referred to him as garbage and refused to let him through to catch his plane. With how the belligerent criminal Israeli regime is behaving right now, the artist was probably lucky to walk away from his prison gate with his life.

Here’s how Khaled Jarrar saw his experience with the regime that is currently creating a mountain of dead bodies for its own amusement and entertainment..

“ZE ZEVEL” – That means, “he is garbage!” When I was trying to cross Allenby Bridge as usual, I heard one soldier say this to his superior officer, while they were arguing about me in Hebrew. That was the only word that I could understand from their discussion. Allenby Bridge is my only gate to the world. Amman is the only place from where I can fly to the world. Yesterday I was denied exit from the West Bank. I was surprised, because never before did the Israelis prevent me from traveling. I was shocked that I was sent back and couldn’t cross Allenby Bridge. People tried to help me and reached out to the authorities. Everything was checked, but after a very long wait and without understanding what was happening, I was informed “security reasons” would prevent me from traveling until the 1st of August. For now that means that I missed my morning flight from Amman to New York, that I will miss the opening of the show at the New Museum, and that I will miss the artist talk with Lamia Joreige and Charif Kiwan that is supposed to happen on the 16th of July.

Yesterday was the longest day of my life and a day of humiliation. I felt real racism on the part of the security at Allenby Bridge. When this one soldier was talking to his superior officer and I understood what he said (“ze zevel”), I shouted at him that I was no “zevel” and he was impolite to call me that. No one listened to me, like I did not even exist. It’s a long story and it’s the story of many people who are being denied from crossing Allenby Bridge for security reasons by order of the Israeli intelligence. On the day that I wanted to cross, it meant that I missed my flight to the USA, my first time traveling there, and my show. Another man, a PhD student, missed his flight to give a talk in Spain. Another man wanted to go to Amman to spend the last days of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr with his family, but he was not allowed

For more details on Khaled Jarrar’s exhibition at the Whitebox Art Center see their website here. More information on the Here and Now exhibition at the New Museum can be found at their website here.

khaled jarrar photographKhaled Jarrar – From the series Untitled, 2013

As I write this post the Israeli monsters have slaughtered more than 600 human beings.
About 100 of those murders were children.
100,000 people have been displaced from their homes.
500 homes have been blown to pieces.
IF that doesn’t make you as mad as hell then you my friend are a psychopath!

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  1. Me again (don’t forget to record my IP for future references, although this is my last comment here ever).

    So, you are (I’m quoting) “tired of insane tyrants running rampart around the world and I plan to discuss all the things you mentioned and more…”.
    BUT – this is your third post about Israel in 3 days.
    And there is absolutely nothing in your blog about any of the other, real “insane tyrants” and “human suffering”.
    And I’ll tell you why.

    Because you are a hypocrite. Who cares about thousands of Africans or North Koreans or whatever. It’s not juicy enough. It’s not sexy. It’s not cool.
    Jews – oh, this is totally different matter. This is one big yellow juicy story.

    And you are morally bankrupt. You don’t care a slightest bit about “human suffering”. Who gives a shit if Assad gasses tens of thousands of his own people. They are “only syrians”. One giant yawn.
    Palestinians on the other hand – this is sexy. This is worth writing about.

    And this, my friend, proves that you are a phony. Not only you are a talentless “artist”, you are a total loser in general. Which, by the way, explains your anti-semitism. We all remember another failed artist, who didn’t like Jews – just like you.

  2. My best friend is Jewish, so you can shove your tired old anti whatever remark where the sun doesn’t shine. Come up with something a little more original. Focusing on the issue being discussed would be original as it’s never done by people like you that can’t justify genocide.

    You dropped to your lowest point with this comment Liat.. and still I hope you keep safe and I hope peace comes soon.. but like I said before, peace is the last thing Israel wants.

  3. Yeah, yeah, “my best friend is Jewish that’s why I’m not anti-semite” – the usual mantra of idiots.
    Here is some new info for you, maybe you’ll learn something:
    Thomas Friedman of the New York Times defined anti-semitism perfectly, for morons like you:

    “Criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is vile. But singling out Israel for opprobrium and international sanction – - out of all proportion to any other party in the Middle East – - is anti-Semitic, and not saying so is dishonest.”

    Got it ? Not shut the hell up and good-bye.

  4. You can’t justify ethnic cleansing and you can’t bully me out of criticizing the criminal regime of Israel so you have to resort to calling me names.

    You win Liat, you’re the best name caller. Feel better now?

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