Noble Pet Portraits

For the pet lovers amongst us, I have found a way to glorify your pet and give your friends something to giggle about when they come over. The Italian pet portrait painter Daniela Ria offers a service that nobelizes your cat or dog.

So you can turn a mangy mutt into an Aristodog or your soggy moggy into a Noblecat!
Enhancing their unique characteristics, she interprets animal faces like respectable diplomats, gracious damsels, solemn generals, elegant duchesses, boastful ambassadors, fine countesses, fat merchants, delicate ladies, distinguished gentlemen, and magnificent leaders.” Noble Pets

noblepet pet portraitI generally find pet portrait paintings to be dry and lifeless, a little like taxidermy, but some of the NoblePets are quite funny.
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  1. That’s hilarious.

    I can see my schnauzer in royal dress. Heh.


  2. I agree that some pet portraits can be rather dry & unappetizing though the Noble pets are hilarious. I have an online friend who does wonderful pet portraits that are not dry or unappetizing at all … I love her “Paintings with Petzazz” at … my favorite is the Boxer towards the bottom … my daughter & I both immediately thought – that looks just like our Bad Dog at his baddest self – Ann truly captured that Boxer mischieviousness spirit we see all the time that makes us laugh no matter how many muffins he eats off the kitchen counter if we’re not looking.

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