OJ Simpson Book Burning

The media mogul Rupert Murdoch has had a moment of clarity and decided not to go ahead with publishing the OJ “If I Did it” book nor airing a television interview with OJ Simpson. The famous (infamous?) former football player and actor was set to profit from the murder of his wife and her friend, with the publication of the book “If I Did it”.

The book was to be about how he “might” have committed the murder of his wife “if” he did do it. If there ever was a time to start burning books, it would have to start with this vulgar book.

Murdoch scraps OJ Simpson ‘confession’ show and offers apology to the bereaved
In an apparent attempt to contain a public relations debacle for his media empire, News Corporation, Mr Murdoch apologized to the families of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and described the planned publication of a book by Mr Simpson entitled If I Did It, and an accompanying two-part television interview, as “an ill-considered project”.
The book and interviews, due to go out next week, were intended to describe the 1994 stabbings of the two victims in hypothetical terms, “if he were the one responsible”, heavily implying Mr Simpson’s responsibility without formally admitting guilt
. Guardian

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  1. What Mr. Murdock does or does not do is a matter to which I am totally indifferent. What the Manchester Guardian writes for its British audience is a matter to which I am totally indifferent. What OJ Simpson writes or does not write, has published or does have published is a matter to which I am totally indifferent. What the indisputable fact in American law is a matter to which I believe all of us should not be indifferent. That fact is that whatever The Mandchester Guardian seems to believe, whatever anyone in the world might believe, whatever OJ Simpson is prepared to write or say, under American law, Mr. Simpson was not guilty of the murder of which he was charged, he committed no crime with regard to the murder of which he was accused, even if he says he performed the acts involved. In simpler terms he is innocent of any crime with regard to these acts and therefor would not be benefitting from a crime were he to write and publish a book which says he actually committed those acts of which he was accused.
    None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who has gone beyond the second grade in the American school system nor to anyone familiar with the American legal system.
    Of course, to be fair to us all, it would be reasonable to be confused since a non-criminal, a civil, court found that he was responsible for acts which led to the deaths of the two people mentioned. That, however, does not mean that he committed a crime under tha laws of the state of California.
    No law that might be passed in the United States or in the UK barring a person guilty of a crime from benefitting from said crime would prevent Mr. Simpson from making a profit from the sale of a book which said that he had committed a crime when, as a point of legal fact, he had not committed that crime in the eyes of the law.

  2. Irv,

    I am very happy to read what you wrote! I am so tired of hearing and reading that he is “guilty” when, as you so wonderfully write, he is not according to the law.

    Again Irv …. well said!

  3. Unless I am missing something (which happens admittedly all too often!) The original post does not focus on OJ’s being or not being guilty, but rather the disgusting idea of someone desirous of making money by “pretending to commit a brutal (unresolved) actual murder and describe how it would be done in detail.”

    It is unfortunate that having compassion is not a prerequisite for standing erect and having opposable thumbs.

  4. Yeah, I don’t really care if he did or didn’t do it, or if he was found guilty or not guilty.

    I do think it’s a tasteless and unforgivable act for a man in his unusual position to publish such a book though.

    I have missed most of the media storm it created, but I’m sure the family of those that were murdured were less than happy about the book being published.

    It would have been a bestseller though, so I’m sure Rupert Murdoch is kicking himself.

  5. The point is that the founding fathers and mothers of the United States knew the fate they would face for the disgusting, shameless,unforgivable, brutal things they had said and done to the majesty of their sovereign, King George III, so they wrote into their constitution a prohibition against any sort of government interference with the freedom to be nasty and tasteless.
    To bring it closer to the artist’s home, George Grosz was put on trial for insulting the German army by hanging an effigy of a pig in military garb and Manet’s paintings of the death of Maximilian found their first public viewing only in the United States twenty years after the event because they were an implied criticism of the French ruler’s (Napoleon III) policies in Mexico.
    If you want disgustng see Otto Dix’s savage attacks on the leaders of the Weimar Republic.
    I suppose some would like Mr. Simpson’s work to put on display in the next exhibition of “Degenerate Art” alongside Dean Swifts, Modest Proposal, and a noted contemporary artist’s, “Fuck Bush” poster which I recently saw at the Whitney in NYC.
    Naturally, the right to commit a disgusting communicative act does not imply the necessity of anyone’s buying or reading the book, seeing the film or TV show, or attending the public exhibition at which it might be shown.
    Yes it was not the Manchester Guardian itself that said Mr. Simpsom was a criminal, it was people they quoted. Nevertheless it would be correct to say that many media and media personages have said and written that Mr. Simpson was guilty of a crime when he is not guilty of that crime. In fact, I would guess that under British law, which is much more sensitive to slander and libel than is American law,on the basis of the statement quoted in the Guardian, Mr. Simpson would have an un losable case in the British courts and, possibly, the Guardian would also be subject to suit, depending upon whether their earlier correct statement of the facts of the case could be taken as inadequate to inform the reader that what they lated quoted is a person lying about Mr. Simpson by calling him a criminal.
    My own viewpoint is unequivocal.Mr. Simpson is not a criminal, he should not be prevented from telling whatever story he cares to tell so long as he does not fall afoul of existing law. Even were Mr. Simpson a criminal he has a right to write or say anything that does not fall afoul of the laws of libel and slander. Mr. Murdock or any other legal form of publication or public exhibition has the right to provide the public with his words or pictures if they do not fall afoul of the existing law.If making people unhappy was a recognized ground for censorship, most of the news sources, many novelists, any politically or socially oriented painter, satirist, caricaturist, would have to find a different line of work.
    Finally, yes, I would agree that Mr. Simpson might well have motives, among which is the desire to make money, that Mr. Murdock also may want to make money, that the editor of the volume, might also want to make money. So what. Should a prosecutor at Mr. Simpson’s trial, been prevented from making money by putting out a book on the case, because his skill may have been a partial or total cause of Mr. Simpson not being a criminal today?

  6. um… let me see if i can sum this up eloquently enough to hang with your verbosity…


    when people try to weave real ethics with silly american legaleze shenanigans it makes me want to *yawn*

    Frankly, who gives a rats ass about OJ, above and beyond the fact that personal dictates might lead one to choosing “without pulp and fortified with calcium.”

    there is a lot more going on in the world beyond oj.

  7. As I said, nobody is forcng anyone to read about, see, hear, reflect upon, or in any other way, expose him or her-self to Mr. Simpson or any other of the 8 or 9 billion people in the world who might be the subject of media attention(that means internet,too ).
    One who does not give “a rats ass”, whatever that might mean in American English, certainly need not be bored by comments, with or without verbosity. It seems to me, as I type this, that our directors heading “OJ Simpson Book Burning” clearly announces a topic about which you did not want to read. I am puzzled as to why you overcame your indifference and read the lead and the comments. If you don’t like the water why voluntarily jump in.

  8. Again Irv well said! Nobody can argue against the facts, but anybody can give an opinion and a rat’s ass to boot. Clearly,Michael-Ann you to give a rat’s ass…

  9. Why read this?

    Because the nature of this book is revolting, and it is absolutely unbelievable ANYONE would be inclined to do such a thing…so before responding I read on through the post and comments to see if it was infact real.

    It is completely possible and very likely for people with an ounce of compassion to care about the emotional impact this kind of book would have on the surviving family members of the unresolved murder case and not care at all about oj.

    Simple common sense should govern human behavior first and foremost before referring to any legal guidelines for what you can and can’t get away with in today’s world.

  10. I don’t think our government was censoring the “art” of OJ, it sounds to me more like the media decided that it was not tasteful to publish this book. If OJ wants to mass produce copies of it on his own and peddle it across the street from a Barns and Noble in protest…by all means! However, I don’t see the sports mogul going to such great lengths to see the “dream” of this book realized. It sounds to me that he is in it for the money, and unless OJ makes an action to prove otherwise…I am all for Mr. Murdock declining to publish something “nasty and tasteless.”

  11. As is usally the case, the media is the instigator. Of course Mr. Murdock has every right to do as he sees fit and Simpson has every right to write such a book regardless of decency, respect, compassion and so on.

    I do not defend Simpson, but I do defend the act of telling a story no matter how tastless it may be. Compassion does not have to come imto play at all. Period!

    As Irv writes, you are free to read the book and watch the interview or not to do so. It’s about choice and not about must.

    It has nothing to do with smiple common sense as this rarely plays a role in rational human behavior as is evidenced by everything from war to writing such books.

  12. what do you think his children are thinking about all of this , its their mother that hes talking about in such vile and horrible ways. How COULD ANY MAN DO THAT

  13. “what do you think his children are thinking about all of this , its their mother that hes talking about in such vile and horrible ways. How COULD ANY MAN DO THAT”

    The answer is simple:
    Money makes people do all kinds of things be it good or bad.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i think o.j s book should be ignored he shouldnt get money for a book he wrote telling how he killed her…CRIME SHOULDNT PAY!!!

  15. Hello. My name is O.J. Simpson,
    Exactly what is the great big deal?
    Why in the world are people against me?
    Not telling the truth when others I killed?

    Just stop and take a look around you,
    Unsolved murders happen all the time,
    My dream team helped get me off,
    Who cares if I write a book & make a dime?

    You say it’s millions of dollars that I will make,
    On top of the bucks already put in the bank?
    Guess I’ll always be the guy that people love to hate?
    With no more sponsors I don’t care what others think?

    If that kind of negative publicity ever really bothered me,
    I’d be somewhere in hiding, my face no one would see,
    Not that it does however if it ever did in the first place,
    I wouldn’t have beat Nicole and punched her in the face.

    Why in the heck do you think she had a divorce?
    Because hubby was Mr. Goody Two Shoes?
    I don’t care what my first wife says in the papers,
    I was a selfish son of a bitch in that marriage too.

    Innocent people are dying in a little know place called Darfur,
    OK, I will use some of the proceeds and donate to the poor,
    It’s not like I’m a serial killer & murdered other people too,
    I only killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman a Jew.

    Adolf Hitler eagerly annihilated millions of God’s chosen race,
    When traveling around the world, so as America not to disgrace,
    At least I won’t ride in Audi’s, BMW’s or Germany’s Mercedes,
    It’s home grown Lincoln or Cadillac in which I transport my ladies.

    Either that or I will ride around the course in luxury golf carts,
    Frequenting restaurants, bars, and parties, with other middle age farts,
    Often visiting exclusive country clubs, I will play 18 or 36 holes,
    Then hit the streets searching for celebrity seeking bimbos.

    What about my kids you say? Well what about them?
    Are they not still loved by Nicole’s next of kin?
    Soon they’ll be old enough to be out on their own,
    I feel a lot of respect & fatherly love to them I’ve shown.

    Besides, somehow I have to make an honest living,
    Throwing a party, the best of everything I am giving,
    No longer can I rush for over two thousand yards,
    Being a lowdown dirty snake is really not that hard.

    You want me to confess, seeking forgiveness and redemption,
    Obviously you don’t understand, I’m the great O.J. Simpson,
    Star running back, USC the NFL, Hall of Fame, the Juice,
    Should I really be incarcerated instead of running loose?

    There is also a television special that will air on the network Fox,
    I thought to head a media conglomerate you needed brains, not rocks,
    Well that’s all right, you know, its actually kind of cool,
    Who else would agree to run such a thing but an idiot or a fool?

    When will the rest of the world wake up and get with it?
    By a panel of my peers, twelve jurors long ago acquitted,
    All I did was write a tell all, what if I really did it book,
    Look on the bright side; it was only two lives that I took.

    11/20/06 Canceled! A piece of very good news heard on NBC,
    I’m sure millions plus the Brown & Goldman families are pleased,
    The O.J. TV special that only Simpson ever really wanted to watch,
    The American public came together kicking it squarely in the crotch.

    Don’t shout for joy yet because there’s more good news to tell,
    The book and any subsequent signings have been squashed as well,
    Although already in print, on the black market some will certainly sell,
    Buyers can tell O.J. how much they liked it when they see him in hell.

    11/24/06 I heard on the radio you’re just trying to secure a future for your kids,
    So Justin and Sydney would welcome funds from their dad saying “If I Did”?
    I also heard you say, “I really loved Nicole” OK, if she truly was your honey?
    It doesn’t mean you’re entitled to profit from what is known to be blood money!

    © 2006 by Luke Easter

  16. O.J.Simpson is arrogrant,egonistic, self-absorbed,excuse of a human being,OH DID I FORGET A COLD BLOODED KILLER. HE IS A SON-OF-BITCH, STUPID,NON-CARING, I COULD GO ON AND ON, AND ON, BUT THIS PAGE IS NOT LONG ENOUGH.


  18. What goes around comes around!!! There is obviously a higher power out there than the American Justice System which failed Ron’s and Nicole’s families and the rest of humanity. How ironic, he got away with a double murder and now hopefully he will spend decades in prison for the armed robbery in Vegas. I hate this arrogant bastard who has never shown a bit of remorse for his crimes and has the odacity to bash his wife Nicole, the mother of his children, in his book. Lock him up and throw away the damn key. How much more proof do we need that this man belongs behind bars.
    Charlotte, Z

  19. Hey OJ,

    How’s that unending search going to find the “real” killer of kids’ mother.

    Find any candidates on the golf course???

  20. I agree with the author here. I do not like or agree with OJ Simpson, but he was acquitted. Even if it was because he had the dream team defending him, he was acquitted and can profit from the crimes. But, the Goldmans can then enforce their civil judgement for quite some time also.


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