Old Aboriginal Masters

aboriginal bark painting

I’m almost tempted to get in the car and go see this exhibition in Canberra (4 or 5 hours drive) but I’m living in a house with no kitchen, no shower and quite a few missing walls, so I have to get my priorities straight. I’ll leave in the morning! No, just kidding, renovations are ridiculously expensive and I really do want a kitchen. The Old Masters exhibition is on until the 20th of July though, so I could still get there yet.

Old Masters is a look at the great bark paintings of Arnhem Land from 1948 through to 1988. Indigenous art in Australia really is the best art in Australia! It’s more contemporary than contemporary art and you don’t have to sell your house to own a decent collection. The fact that the work has soul and represents a beautiful culture are just added bonuses for collectors.

There’s 120 bark paintings on show from the National Museum of Australia’s vast collection.

Aboriginal bark paintingYirawala – Totemic Crocodile

arnhem land paintingsYirawala – Two Long Necked Turtles

australian aboriginal artDick Nguleingulei Murrumurru – Mimih Hunting (kangaroo)

abstract indiginous paintingMithinarri Gurruwiwi – Stone Axe Heads

aboriginal artDawidi – Sand Palm and Fronds with Two Snakes and Two Goannas

Old Masters – Australia’s Great Bark Artists is at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra until the 20th of July. They have an excellent online resource dedicated to the exhibition with plenty of images and lots of information about the artists and the bark paintings at their website here.

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