Old Chinese Man Worked for Art Forger Glafira Rosales

new york art forgery

The whole New York art forgery saga where Glafira Rosales supplied forged Modernist paintings to art dealers and made millions continues. Seventy-three year old Pei-Shen Qian has been fingered as the painter of the forgeries. Chinese born Qian’s house in Queens is currently empty as he and his wife have recently returned to China, which was normal for the couple, but the NYTimes suggests it looks more permanent this time.

Earlier this month Glafira Rosales was released on bail after being held in custody without bail since she was arrested in May. She has a $2.5 million bond, is not allowed to leave the New York area and has to wear an electronic tag. More than 60 forgeries worth more than $33 million were sold between 1994 and 2009.

Rosales sold the art fakes through the now closed Knoedler & Company gallery which was then run by Ann Freedman and through the prominent art dealer Julian Weissman. One of the more successful sales by Freedman of the Knoedler gallery was a $17 million dollar fake Jackson Pollock painting sold to the London collector of art Pierre Lagrange.

See more about the Chinese painter behind the art forgeries at the New York Times article here.

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