Old Master Artist Statements

old master artist statements

I’m not sure if artist statements are becoming less important or I have just stopped reading them as they’re just a massive wank, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see the old masters waffle on about themselves in the almost unreadable language we use today? John Seed over at the Huffington Post thought it would be, so he sat down and wrote a few for them. They’re really quite funny.

Here’s one he did for Hieronymus Bosch..

An implied quasi-theatrical sublimity in my work creates a tension between modes of engagement with internal and external realities. While attempting to bridge a rift in the continuum between metaphysics and narrativity I investigate a lexicon of parafictional erotic proclivities. – Hieronymus Bosch

earthly delights gardenHe also does artist statements for Titian, Michelangelo, Fragonard and a few others. See the rest of his article here. It’s worth a read :-)

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  1. Bold n beautiful art. I like a wide variety of art…!!!!


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