Old Painter Tries Tattoos

john olsen tattoo

The 85 year old master painter John Olsen has given the tattoo gun a go for the first time. He has tattooed one of his scribbly iconicĀ  frogs on the upper leg of his friend and fellow landscape painter Luke Sciberras. I think I would prefer an ink on paper Olsen frog as the ink on leg Olsen frog sounds more painful.

Here’s the old master at work with tattoo gun in hand..

john olsen tattooing

The report at the SMH here says it was the first tattoo for Luke Sciberras and probably his last as he didn’t handle the pain very well.

john olsen frog

Here’s a print of a John Olsen frog. Yes, I would definitely prefer to take this home with me ;-)

Also, on a related note, a facebook friend (I forget who it was now) recently mentioned the tattoos of the cartoonist David Shrigley. He has a page on his website where he posts tattoos of his drawings. They’re really quirky. Some I love, others not so much.

david shrigley tattoos

Have a look at more David Shrigley tattoos on his website here. I recently mentioned a few famous paintings as tattoos here.

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  1. I think that’s great, no one has ever said you have to stick to one medium.

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