Olympic Games

I thought I should mention the Olympic Games, just because everyone else seems to be mentioning them. Peer pressure gets to me sometimes too and I think I should be like the rest of us.. it’s human nature to feel like one of the pack. So here’s a lovely picture that I stole from the ArtDaily newsletter.

olympic games photo
I thought the photo looked a bit Sigmar Polke or contemporary Chinese art (without the gaping smiles).

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  1. Donald Frazell says:

    I like it. missed the opening ceremonies, it was night here, but then, I do somehow manage to miss all opening ceremonies, was outside the Coliseum when they went on here in 84. How was yours? Ours went great, here Atlantas was a bust, my wife from there.

    Post more god picsk, who knows, maybe someone wil paint an athlete actualy athleting, you know, performing. Should be interesting, but TV spends more time with background stories and sentimental nonsense, than on the actual events thousands of people have sacrificed for, and want to have seen. Sacrifice a word no used too often these days, wonder if they would get residuals of paintings made of them? It would only be fair. Yeah, riiiight. Too many people worried about what is fair, for them. These klids have worked hard, watch them work, thats what it is all about, dedication and hard work. And Passion. The Ecstasy of Victory, and the Agony of Defeat. Whoops. I may owe the Wide World of Sports a check for that one.

    And Bernie Mac died, that was one funny brotha. And so true about families.

  2. I didnt go to the Sydney Olympics Donald, but the media told me they were a success, so I guess they were.

    I just read on the New York Times that Bernia Mac had died too. I read somewhere that it was a false rumor, but now that it’s true, I guess it’s a fact.

    I’m always much sadder when artists or comedians die. I wasnt his biggest fan but I know he tried to make people laugh.. so it’s sad.. just 50 years old. Some people are too good for this world.

    Nature is cruel though, and life goes on. I was watching an animal documentary tonight and a group of lions killed a giraffe.. how weird is that?! But its nature, just as we are nature too. Life and death sit comfortably together.. like friends as theyre always side by side. We just get too comfortable with how things are today.. and expect them to be like that tomorrow.

  3. Donald Frazell says:

    Cheer up Dion, think of all those lion cubs having a great meal. Yes, we all die, but damn if I am going to go out anything but kicking and screaming. I have known my share of death and tragedy, but then, who hasnt? avoiding it is whats bad, dwelling on it sad, dealing with it adult. And art MUST deal with these, issues. And ones of celebration such as birth and love. The best works is when they are all layered together, and so create life, which is what you see in great art. Relationships are everything, in life, and art, and the many layered connections and energy created by them is what we as artists must seek.

    but one can have fun too, some works are pure joy, and are all the more so when you can feel the sorrow underneath that has temporarily been eclipsed.

    But some things are just wrong. I jsut watched tiny Chinese women weightliftiung, thats just too damn far. Guess I am just too old and crotchety, and feeling my age as i am only one year younger than BMac. Believe me, his portrayal of raising kids these days is far more accurate than boring old Bill Cosby. They are too busy with electronic gadgets, and apparently weightlifting when made to in China. Where they are making the stuff to ruin our kids, a commie plot to take over the world with superhuman 5′ women? hmmm

  4. Yeah, Im not checking out without a fight either Donald. A lot about life isn’t pretty, but much more of it is beautiful, or at least interesting.

    Superhuman 5″ women sound scary..lol.

    I’m still yet to watch much of the olympics.

  5. I haven’t watched any of the Olympics, heard the opening ceremony was spectacular. The photo is wonderful.

  6. I saw the opening ceremony and it was pretty good I must say. The ‘birds nest’ stadium looks great when it’s lit up too.

    Now London has to top it it 2012, hopefully it won’t cost me too much in taxes!

  7. Helly, if the London Olympics cost as much as the China games someone will have to pay. I cant remember how much I heard it cost, but I know I thought “wow that’s a lot!”

    The birds nest building is a lovely building. The other, umm, water/bubble building is nice too.

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