Omar Faruk Tekbilek at the Sydney Opera House

Since going to see PJ Harvey at the Sydney Opera House last month I have been looking for any excuse to go back. I have been looking for pop/rock/folk musicians to perform there; musicians that I know. Last night I made it back to the Opera House (almost in the same seat as last time) to see the Turkish Sufi musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek.

It was just as impressive as PJ Harvey but for very different reasons. Omar Faruk Tekbilek‘s concert was mostly instrumental, played to God (or Allah) as much as it was to the audience. He’s an artist that takes you places if you let him.. and I found myself lost in his music a few times.

From his website; he is playing a few concerts in the United States and Spain in the coming few months. Here’s some samples of his music on his website too.. I recommend Whirling (great to paint with).

I couldn’t find any videos of the concert on You Tube, but this is what he sounds like..

I’ll be staying in Sydney until Saturday, so I might also take some holiday snaps and post them.

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