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In a recent post I mentioned the Art Initials website, where the artist (entrepreneur?) is selling two letter initial paintings. I thought that the One Thousand Paintings artist and the Art Initials artist must have had a personal or working relationship, as the websites and the idea were so similar. But Sala from One Thousand Paintings says this is not the case..

“If you look at the website, you will see that not only the paintings look similar (which is fine with me – no one has a copyright on blue symbols on white background), but the entire concept is almost identical (again, fair enough – no one should have a copyright on an art project).

What is somewhat disturbing is that the content of the site seems to be largely copied from, sometimes almost word by word. The site structure is basically identical: all paintings have wikipedia information below the detail information, the authenticity check is identical, even the photographs look similar.”Sala

Imitation is a form of flattery, but I would probably be a little peeved to have an idea copied like this. There are very few new ideas in art, so the best thing to do is probably just take it as a compliment and move on. If I could sum up the history of painting in one word it would probably be “regurgitation”.

This is the One Thousand Paintings website..
one thousand paintings

And this is the Art Initials website..
art initial paintings

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  1. Regurgitation as art! Now there’s an idea. We both posted that Cloaca Machine nonsense. I’ve just posted a blog about an artist selling New York City garbage in sealed plastic cubes. What about vindaloo vomit splash as art? Maybe recorded sound effects automatically played back as you stroll in front of the canvas….
    All we need are a few volunteers on a Saturday night and somebody to write an impressive blurb about art as social comment. Tate Modern will love it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s not really art it’s more of a straightforward clever business both cases. Nothing wrong with emulating the idea..It’s just for money..Like the Pixel pages..But well done for the concept

  3. Another clever emulation of the One Thousand Paintings site is the Thousand Lots of Sand website ( This site adds a little more value to the mix by actualy using part of a Caribbean beach to transfer on canvas.

  4. I can’t say this is a terrible idea but it does seem more like a parasite on a cool fish than any original concept. I can’t knock the guy for wanting to emulate Sala’s concept – but being so blatantly similar makes me think that he has no faith in any original idea of his own. I wouldn’t mind riding some of onethousandpaintings wave – but I think this other guy is trying to steal it. I kind of pisses me off – but I can’t say I don’t understand – I just think the whole initial thing is weak and cheap since it is so obviously in debt to Sala’s work.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Actually (and with all respects to the other comments) it appears that both sites are using standard, though different, generic web design forms – probably offered by their servers.

    As often as I’ve seen very similar ideas come out of the wood work independantly of one another, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case here, I mean how many hundreds of people came to the conclusion that doing single colored canvases in series was the last 2 dimensional concept open to exploration – about 40 years ago? I know I did – as did my wife before we even met.

  6. just leave this for and we’ll say no more about it.


  7. Anonymous says:

    If you read the initial painting website you’d notice the artist is the same person/people that did the thousand paintings…guess they are continuing to cash in on their idea. I can’t believe there are people that actually buy this stuff!

  8. Theyre two different people anon.. that’s the problem.

    The one thousand paintings owner was complaining about the similarities with the art initials website.

  9. it wouldnt surpirse me if they were the same people, and they were kicking up a fuss to get some curious clicks.
    Of course this is only speculation, and if there are any good lawyers reading this… lol.

  10. art is something you can see inso many side….but maybe for other people art is nothing..different peoples coming with different ides..sometimes time changes the perception..that’s what i think…

  11. Anonymous says:

    As an art lawyer I was interviewing once told me, you can’t copyright an idea. That is the critical point. You can an exact image, notice Koons lost his case with the puppies. As soon as you create it, it is copyrighted without any further action on your part.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Its a shame the Initials artist couldn’t have used a different colour or something. A different typeface.. Sans serif numbers and letters are so similar.

    Theres also a “DateArt Paintings” artist in Dublin, Ireland and they’re actually attractive looking art. Only one of each date exists, e.g. 21 July 2008, all paintings are black and white. The dates are in a swirly black typeface and there is a unique black and white patterned background to each painting. They seem quite beautiful (I only saw pics of two that sum1 had uploaded onto a forum). I think its an excellent idea, I mean, think of all the special dates… births, weddings, the day a couple first met, the date of conception, the date of moving into the house where the painting will hang!

    For those who feel that onethousand paintings isn’t art (as its not beautiful to look at), they might find the DateArt paintings appealing.


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