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I used to mention Damien Hirst almost weekly as he was always up to something new and/or outrageous, but I have been back blogging for two and a half months now and I still haven’t done a post on the man. I’m not sure if it’s because I have matured during my 3 year break from blogging, perhaps because Hirst isn’t doing anything new now, or maybe the novelty just wore off. 

I’m still impressed by the man as a business and as a marketing machine. I don’t care what you think of his art, you have to admit that he’s a genius business artist.

While I was away from Art News Blog the man started painting. How bizarre and shocking! Pretty much all the reviews I read on the new Hirst paintings were negative, but I thought they were the best things he has ever done. Some were awkward and horrible but they had life in them, which is more than you can say for a spot painting or a pickled shark. So I hope he hasn’t listened to the critics and thrown away his brushes.

Anyway, I mention Damien Hirst because he has just released a new set of chairs over at Other Criteria. You could almost fit your whole house out with Damien Hirst stuff. Obviously it would be wildly expensive to do such a thing, but he’s making it more and more possible each year as he keeps on releasing more. I wonder if we’ll ever see Damien Hirst kit homes sold? That would be something.

damien hirst chairs

These are the spin chairs in a set of 6 for 30,000 pounds. All unique, signed, and made by Jasper Morrison.

damien hirst seating

If 6 Damien Hirst chairs are too many or they’re too colorful, you can buy one single black and white spin painted chair for 6,000 pounds. For that sort of money, I think I would go with a couple Eames lounge chairs and ottomans from Herman Miller to be honest. Not that I wouldn’t like a Hirst chair too.. but comfort must also be considered! ;-)

damien hirst store

Let’s see what else we can buy for the house at the Damien Hirst shop. The “It’s Summer Somewhere Special gift set” comes with a bag, a beach towel and set of 4 Hirst mugs. With an RRP of £125.80.

damien hirst rubbish bin

I liked the Damien Hirst rubbish bin which comes with printed signature but I’m not sold on the price. £350.00.

damien hirst umbrella

A Damien Hirst umbrella for £39.95.

damien hirst jigsaw

When it is raining outside and your Hirst umbrella is all wet, you could come inside and put your Damien Hirst jigsaw together. £14.95.

damien hirst guitar

Strum away on your Damien Hirst guitar for £50,000.00. It’s signed by Hirst and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You also get a small gloss butterfly painting, 20 guitar picks, a drawing by Damien Hirst and Flea, and a photograph of the couple together. I feel like saying “but wait, there’s more”

damien hirst ashtray

And last one, a Damien Hirst nicotine ashtray for £300.00. It’s signed and unlimited.

You can buy more Damien Hirst stuff for the house or almost any other setting over at the Other Criteria shop website here. There are other artists there too, so it’s not all about Hirsty.

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  1. Hi, Dion

    Have you seen Jonathan Yeo’s portrait of Damien Hirst as the “dark overlord of the Contemporary Art scene”? Brilliant!


  2. Yeah I saw that Ian. I remember Yeo also painted one of Australia’s least loved exports too.. Rupert Murdoch.


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