Pablo Picasso Portrait for Auction

A painting of Angel Fernandez de Soto by his friend Pablo Picasso will soon go up for auction at Christies. It is expected to reach $60 million. The proceeds of the sale will go to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

I often get excited when I see new works by an artist that I’ve admired for a long time. Just when you think you’ve seen all their paintings, along comes another one. And it doesn’t even have to be a good quality painting for me to get excited about it.

pablo picasso portrait

The good thing about Picasso is that he was very prolific and lived quite a long life, so it would be impossible for anyone to say they have seen all the works by the little Spanish master.

The head of Christies Impressionist and Modern Art, Guy Bennett said “We are thrilled to offer a work of such stature by Picasso in our evening sale this November. The dramatic and intense friendship of the artist and his subject makes this one of the most personal and powerful works from the Blue Period.”

There’s a small review of the painting over at the BBC too.

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  1. I have the same feeling about seeing a picture for the first time by a great artist. In Bremen I saw an unfinished painting by Dürer. It was at the underpainting stage, and not especially impressive — but most interesting!

  2. I am a big admirer of Courbet. Last year I saw a to me unknown painting (also quite bad) of a dead horse.

  3. I think this post raises an interesting question. Is it good for an artist to expose only their best work, to build up a mystique of infallibility (as best as they are able)? Or is it okay to show pieces that are perhaps mediocre in quality, but important in the artist’s development? This gets at a key potential use of the internet. For example, on Follow the Painting, Hanneke van Oosterhout shows both her best work and also pieces that are giving her difficulty. Does she undermine herself by showing work with which she needs to struggle?

    The discussion above of Picasso, Dürer, and Courbet, would suggest that openness is appropriate. However, each of these artists is already defined as “great”. Perhaps they are not the best example for artists striving for success.

  4. As an artist I like to see the good, bad, and everything inbetween. But I don’t think like an art collector or an art critic, so perhaps they see things differently.

    On a related note, I have heard somewhere that an artist should keep a few of his best paintings each year. I think that’s a great idea, as once they’re sold, they seem to dissapear.

    But things like wanting to get your best works seen or wanting to put food on the table often interfere with that idea.

  5. Great Art RARELY comes up twice in ones lifetime.Presently involved in putting together a collection of 50 Works-including Picasso,along with Whitman-Tait,Sears,Lewis,others.Is their people out their that would buy a Major Collection ?

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