Painter Lyle Carbajal

my favourite artist

One of my favorite painters in the world at the moment is the American artist Lyle Carbajal. If I was sent to a deserted island for the rest of my life and I could only take 20 paintings from one living artist, it would be his. The way he uses paint excites me like very few other artists. His paintings look like they have grown, like they have lived a life to reach this point on the wall.

Here’s some beauties by the artist..

rino painting

Lyle Carbajal – Magnificent beast 48″ x 48″. I’m using this painting as my computer desktop at the moment. I wish it was hanging on my office wall!!

lyle carbajal painting

Lyle Carbajal – Sideways 48″x48″.

Flexible by Lyle Carbajal

Lyle Carbajal – Flexible 48″ x 48″. I love this painting. You would have to be a hater of paint to not like this.

outsider painting

Lyle Carbajal – Hubris 45″ x 48″. Another Carbajal beauty.

beautiful painting

Lyle Carbajal – Fuma 48″x48″. An older painting by the artist.

painting of cat

Lyle Carbajal – Lucky 48″ x 48″. I don’t know if “Lucky” is a cat or a dog but he’s an awesome painting.

See more paintings by the artist at his website here. He is also on facebook and regularly update his profile here.

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  1. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

  2. These are stunning!


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