Painting Studio of Australian Artist Angony

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I started posting artist studios about 5 years but then abandoned the blog. Seeing the painting studio of Australian artist Angony posted on his facebook page just recently made me think I should start posting them again. His workspace really does have a lot of character. I love how studios say so much about the person working in them. Some are clean and surgical, others messy and comfortable, just as their artists are. And a studio is never really complete unless it has a resident cat or dog. Angony’s studio assistant is the French bulldog Leon ;-)

australian artist angonyWorn brushes, old buckets and used pots in the studio.

leon the french bulldogStudio inspector Leon the French bulldog checking up on progress.

old wooden boxesI love the character of old wooden boxes.

messy painting studioAngony’s studio is a little messy, but certainly not Francis Bacon messy. It looks to be an organized mess.

artist chair in studioThe artist’s chair in the studio, as essential as the studio dog/cat.

paintbrush in studioI love that paintbrush!

paintings by angonyPaintings in the studio by Angony.

mcdonalds salad paintingHere’s a recent painting by Angony. Some of his works question the madness of the system that rules over us.

If you like bold, outsider art with an activist punch, you’ll love the art of Angony. See some more of his work at his website here. His facebook page here is well worth checking out too.

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